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Can a Christian be a slave to God and to sin at the same time?


This question has been on my mind for days and I just had to ask it. The reason being is that Jesus said in Matthew 7:15-23 to beware of false prophets, that you can identify them by their fruit. A prophet, by definition, is:

1. somebody who interprets divine will: somebody who claims to interpret or transmit the commands of a deity.

2. somebody predicting the future: somebody who predicts the future.

3. advocate of something: somebody who advocates a cause or idea.


  I received the gift of healing about 4 years ago in a church service. The night I was told I was to receive this gift I was also told that it would be confirmed that night, it was. Since that time I had been told to lay hands on for healing by the Holy Spirit and at other times I just felt led to lay hands on people. At times I noticed that there was an immediate healing and at times there was a healing and later it was lost and at other times there was no healing at all.

TheTruth – Thank you

Thank you so much for your replies to  my testimony. I know there are people who are suffering worse than my family. These are one of the things that we realised. And we have taken many things for granted. All these years before, we were just comfortable in our own normal world. I think that this experience has made us realise so many things.

We realised The love of God-its not like He is way up there in Heaven and we are way down here on earth. But we realised that He is so close and personally involved in our lives.

Hello from Ireland

Hello, I’m Gilly from Ireland. Nice to meet you all.

Love. Faith. Truth. And Jesus: The Testimony of a Sinners Redemption Received from Jesus Christ

 We all have our
weaknesses, secrets and lies. Some of us hide them better then others. Some of
us hide them so well that we fall victim to the trap of our own deceit. There
are no answers to life’s truth through denial. Why do I know this? I built my
house upon cards time and time again, I gambled my life with quick fixes, I
worshiped the world, grew accepting to its’ wrongful ways, and eventually
became empty/purpose less.  Why is it the
things we buy can never give us true contentment?  Why the careers we put our lives into never

Got Your Girdle?

Got Your Girdle?


John 17:17 NLT

Make them holy by your truth; teach them your word, which is truth.


The Book

After 7 days of fasting with no food just any liquid I could get my hands on with the prayer of a revelation I have a vivid dream. In the dream I was standing across the street. I could feel the soft gentle breeze that was blowing. It was just extremely peaceful. As I stood there I noticed across the street there was a brick church and in front of the church was a tree and somebody was sitting down against the tree reading a book. This person had long beautiful hair and was dressed in a white robe and the material looked as if it was woven out of pearls if it were possible.


Hi am new here


Impact your generation

Today I got to meet with two young leaders of two leading churches of my city. During our time of fellowship, one thing that stood out the most was the lack of fathers in our generation. 

Seems like we lack leaders who are secure in God. 

What every pastor must realize is that God has not just anointed them to equip the church but also to equip and release them into their destiny. 

Archbishop of Canterbury has no problem with Gay Bishops

According to this article in the Telegraph, the Archbishop of Canterbury
has “no problem” with “gay” bishops, but he is “not positive” about
them having relationsips.


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