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Ah, frank bloom, I just saw what you were doing

read it…it was good…great job-kudos 🙂

frank broom whatcha’ doing?

c’mon over to the forum board and introduce yourself or make a comment…pleased to see you using the site

God Is A God Of Power

God is a God of power and He wants to demonstrate his power for you and through you. From the Old Testament to the New Testament the Bible shows you God’s willingness to use his power for his people and through his people. In the Old Testament God divided the Red Sea to free his people and they walked across on dry ground (Exodus 14:13-16). Joshua told the sun and moon to be still and they did, God himself hearkened to the voice of a man to deliver them in battle (Joshua 10:12-14).

I see you

Greetings to

The Hopeful. 🙂

And to the 17 guests… C’mon sign up and join us.

Whoops, Forgot some people

Don’t want to forget to say hi to


If I didn’t mention your name, let me know…I’m just pulling the names off of the Who’s New list and Most Recent Users list on the Home Page. I know we have more members than this, but…since no one is introducing themselves on the Forums (hint hint), I’ll just start the ball rolling.

Sign up on the Forums and also you are desperately needed on the online Skype Prayer Meeting times. Become involved and let’s make this thing work for the glory of God.

Love to all.

Welcome New Members

need of prayer

Join the Forums and introduce yourself, post a prayer, or just feel us out by reading. We’re here for you and encourage you in love. Thanks for joining and we look forward to hearing from you.
God Bless you. 🙂

You can also post prayers on the new Forum Boards

Hello all,
I joined to encourage, uplift, listen, intercede, stand in agreement, pray for my fellow brothers and sisters. If you need prayer, I’m here for you. And come on over to the new Forum Boards with your prayers, too.

luv ‘ya

Love Love Love

Love Everybody. hug hug 🙂
But we need to get over to the new Forum Boards. C’mon, we need each other now more than ever. I’m putting a call out. And hopefully we’ll get closer together. Let’s start by everyone who uses the Boards simply introduce themselves. See at the “Introduce Yourself” board. I look forward to introducing myself to each and every one of you.

Alert Alert

Michael has put up new Forum Boards. He says this old one will be phased out, so let’s get on over and register at the new Boards. I’m already there, but I’m lonely. 🙁

Tarot Cards, Crystal Balls, etc.

Tarot Cards and Crystal balls are tools allowing you to play with evil spirits. These spirits are of a ‘lower’ energy and make you feel incredibly nauseous. They lack the power of anything Godly which has the ability to fill a room with depth, sensitivity and absolute pure, perfect love. It is not the tools which attract the unseen . . . . But the thoughts and intentions behind their use. Anything can be used as a tool – an ordinary pack of playing cards, anything which you may feel inclined to use. It is the Devil’s playground.

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