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hey hello hi…

I’m an artist, I paint, and draw. I have a fiance.

I have schizophrenia. When I got the disease I had thought I knew’ God, but found myself without armour. So, bruised, I crawl my way to church, and the Word. This is how I found the site, on, I was talking with others plotting my way to church, and understanding of the Bible.

The Days of Noah Are Just Like!

Today while I was out and about I felt like God started bringing to mind the days of Noah so I began to dwell on this a little bit. I was helping my wife today with her residential cleaning business and at one of her clients houses both of the boys had come home from college.

The serpents deceit strategy

This article seeks to enlighten humanity on how the devil deceives the world to accept a false reality

So how do we destroy the works of the devil? Here’s a idea!

I was actually working on something completely different to post when I saw Adam again wanted my attention, but I thought my reply to him might be helpful to others in the body of Christ dealing with serious issues.

I am still praying for your salvation Adam, and I will continue to pray against the foolishness and lies you have chosen to put your faith and trust in, because as long as those voices are still allowed to operate in your life, and you choose to listen to them; you will never truly see the Love that Jesus Christ has for you when He died on the Cross for you so that you m

God has a complete sense of Humor!

The Lord has a great sense of Humor. I get so tickled when I read my bible and look at lot of the ways He did things. God can be so funny even while making a serious point. He is the complete opposite of religion. I am so glad He did not make me give up my sense a humor when I came to Jesus, and actually He has allowed my sense of humor to grow at times and over time has revealed to me He has a big sense of humor to.

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