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Help – I am a sinner

Hi everyone,

Please pray for me as I realise that I have done a terrible sin, I have cursed people who have wronged me. I have asked God to forgive me, but I do not know if I should do anything else. I have basically wished them dead, and now I know that curses can exist and do harm. I do not wish for them to be cursed anymore. I also believe that I may have been cursed, the last couple of years. It is not so much financially as emotionally, we had disagreements with all our family members – so much that there is no contact.

Britain has almost been swallowed up by the E.U.

The move to destroy the civil liberties of people is not confined to the United States of America. It certainly extends to Europe, and to the people of the United Kingdom, as this video shows.

Baptist Pastor Tased and Beaten by Police in Arizona, Amerika – 12 stitches in the head

Jesus said “My Kingdom is not of this world”. Realise that the Bible speaks truly when it says, “The whole world lies in the power of the evil one” (1 John 5:19)

My Real Estate business in Brisbane

It is sometimes necessary for those who wish to boldly proclaim the truth to have work or business activities that support the main business of serving Jesus and His Kingdom interests. In my case that has been necessary. It is not that we’ve not had financial help over the years – we have, but generally, if it comes to a choice between using gifts to support ourselves and using gifts to reach more people, we’d rather expand the ministry.

Hallelujah! Praise God forever!

Praise God!

WARNING! – DHS Reports Conservatives a Homeland Threat

Here we have the pretexting for the destruction of conservatism and the imprisonment or worse of those who oppose the radical communist agenda of America’s White House. The left wing will not be shamed or hindered by our response to them. We are set on a course of internal destruction as a nation that only God can reverse… But wait, we kicked Him out years ago.

Conservatism cherishes God and individual liberty as given by God. Liberalism says ‘there is no God’- bow to the state for your provision.

Need prayer for financial issues.

I have been unemployed technically since last May when I got out of the prison system. I have worked with a few people through the church, but they were only temporary jobs. It has been about a month since my last job, which only earned me a few hundred dollars. God has blessed me with an unusually consistent amount for this long, however, I know that it won’t last much longer. I have a stack of applications that I am praying over and I wish for you to join me in agreement.

I have applied for a job that was a guaranteed hire, however it fell through so now I’m stuck jobless.

Australians Not So Sceptical About Jesus – according to survey

By Barney Zwartz; April 7, 2009; source:

“MORE than four in 10 Australians who don’t consider themselves “born again” nevertheless believe Jesus rose from the dead, while one in 10 doesn’t believe he even existed.

These are two of the surprising results from an independent survey of 2500 Australians, according to noted author and church historian John Dickson, co-director of the Centre for Public Christianity in Sydney.

The survey, to be released today, showed that 42 per cent of

Did God make you and I as sinners? – comment board

I read the article you had up, and saw there was no section for comments, so I thought I’d set one up.

“Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me.”
– Psalm 51:5

Can a child that has stolen from his mother’s purse, without knowing it was wrong go to heaven if he was to die right after he did it?

Some Celebrity Ministers I Do Not Trust

I never wanted to do this when I started this site, but in view of the present day apostasy which is becoming more and more obvious by the day, I believe I should go on record as naming some of the prominent ministries I do not trust. Its possible of course, that I am wrong in my assessment. You should bring it before the Lord, if any of this concerns you.

Sadly, there are very few on international TV that I do trust to a great degree today. I have respect for Reinhard Bonnke as a man of God and as an evangelist.

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