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Swine flu, just because you are paranoid, it doesn’t mean that everyones not out to get you.

I’m highly suspicious of this latest outbreak. Its a concoction of swine, avian and human influenza.

The Second coming


I followed the guidance from my 11:11 wake up call that led me to write a book about the second coming to help people. It is free to download and highly enlightening.

May the Holy Spirit guide you

Swine Flu or something like it – Jesus prophesied PLAGUES

Swine Flu has already caused the deaths of a number of until recently healthy adults in Mexico. In the last few days the world has been alarmed about the spread of this so-called Swine Flu. This nasty virus, we are told, might lead to a pandemic – the spread of a disease which could kill MILLIONS – maybe TENS of MILLIONS of people.

One of the end-time signs that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24 was “plagues”, or “pestilences”.

As of April 21, 2009 – Effective October 1, 2009 The 1st Amendment has been abolished

We have talked about this here before, referring to:
SEC. 132A.

Retreat coming up

I’m giving my testimony. I have an hour’s time to fill and I’m having block after block as I’m writing this down. I should have it done by now, but I don’t. Needs to be done by tomorrow or Tuesday. I am in need of much for this. Please pray that all the right things are said and that the audience is attentive and most importantly that people come to Christ.

Organisation for the Promotion of Doing the Word

There’s a subtle trap in much of Christianity today, and it is as old as book of James. We’ve got a lot of emphasis on turning up for meetings, but not a lot of emphasis on checking whether people are ACTUALLY DOING what the Word of God says. Going to lots of meetings is NOT a substitute for doing the things that God commands – and there are a lot of them that can only be done OUTSIDE of church meetings.

James 1:22 “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”

I’m thankful for people that go to Christian meetings where the Word of God is preached, and we all need that. However, there is a shocking lack of personal coaching for Christians. Honestly, how concerned are we for the people we know on the issue of whether they are actually DOING what the Lord tells us to do through His Word.

Jesus took my burdens away

Mat 11:29 – 30 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

How encouraging are these words of Christ my Savior. Yet, I wonder how many times I had grumbled at every unfortunate circumstances. Sometimes I felt I had no hope and on the other I had faith in Him who cares for me. I see that the fight with the world is not so difficult as the fight within me.

Can god make a boulder so big he cant move it

There was a question i was asked at Campus Life(youth group) and the question was Since god can do anyting. Can he make a mountain so build that he cant move it.

I said yes because he could not want to move it. i want your opinions.

Good and Evil – Understanding the Origin of Evil

It is important to understand that evil is simply not the absence of good. There is no goodness, so evil happens? No. There is no good so nothing happens? No. There is evil and it is an active force. If there is no good, then evil asserts itself because it operates out of a kingdom at war with God. Evil leaves no neutral territory. It takes all that is not consecrated and dedicated to God captive.

This is why in scripture God told the Israelites to utterly destroy evil doers root and branch, women and children.

Miraculous God Jesus sound ‘Ah’

I’d like to share a Christian miracle.

This is about a Miraculous God Jesus sound Ah which we heard it in our Tamil song.

You can hear the sound Ah around 0:17minute from the mp3 file in the above website.

To understand more, please visit the link Translation in the website.

For further assistance and if the sound link not downloadable, please mail me to


In Christ,

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