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this is an awesome article from “The Sacred Sandwhich”

If you are planning to go through the 40 Days of Purpose, individually or with a group, do not be influenced by the subtle pressure to accept Warren’s teachings and Bible references at face value. Whether it takes 40 days or 40 months, test everything in this study against God’s sacred word.

Healed From Asthma

Johan says how he got healed from asthma when he was twelve in age

Confession of sin, is it for Christians?

NOTE FROM SITE AUTHOR: Just about everything written by Tropical_Guy is dangerous heresy and what you find below is one of the worst and most spiritually DANGEROUS. I may decide to delete this article. Its a fine line sometimes between allowing others to contribute and creating a platform for dangerous heresies to spread. I am putting in a few comments here to show why I disagree.

what is the Full Armor of God

It is simply Jesus Christ. He is everything mentioned regarding the Full Armor of God. Abide in him. The battle is already won. The battle is the Lords. Nt by might, not by Power but by my Spirit says the Lord.

Christianity is not Performance or acrued

You are saved by grace and not by any works that you should boast. Those are hard words for people to hear that feel like they should have to be doing something. Its normal to feel that way.

The parable of the workers is a prime example of sour puss Christianity. The people worked all day in the field and were paid their agreed upon wage. Then of course comes along another person who gets there late and gets paid the same wage because that was the agreement with the owner. Then the others get upset.

Another is the actions of the Prodigal Son.

The secret of the Christian Life

There are some things i disagree with Gene Edwards on. However I think this article is a good one. It is taken from one of his books.

By: Gene Edwards

What have you been told is the secret to the Christian life? Pray and read your Bible? Go to church? Witness? Speak in tongues? Tithe?

Let me go on record. I do not believe anything on that list even comes close to the issue of how to live the Christian life. All have one inherent flaw. The fatal flaw? Every item on the aforementioned list assumes that it is possible to live the Christian life.

Law and Grace…. Mortal Enemies

This is another writing in the book by Dan Stone. Some people justamaze you with their understanding of relationship.

Law and Grace: Mortal Enemies
By: Dan Stone

Law and grace are mortal enemies. Religion asserts, “No, they aren’t mortal enemies. They can flow together, like the Missouri and Ohio rivers flow into the Mississippi, and they become the Mississippi.” Every place I’ve ever been in organized religion, I’ve found that belief. But Paul was saying, “NO? They never flow together. They’ve always been mortal enemies. They will always be mortal enemies.

The Mystery of Union

This is taken from Dan Stone’s book “The rest of the Gospel when the Partial has worn you out” Beautiful insight.

The Mystery of Union
By: Dan Stone

Paul’s teaching to believers focused on a great mystery. To the church in Colossae he wrote of

“…the mystery which has been hidden from the past ages and generations, but has now been manifested to His saints, to whom God willed to make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.” (Colossians 1:25-27)

Christ in us.

The Gospel is the call to rest

This article is by Malcolm Smith. He is one of the great teachers on Grace. I have seen him a few times when he stopped in at a few Fellowships that I attended over the years. Here is the Gospel.

By: Malcolm Smith

The Gospel is the call to rest, to receive the free, undeserved gift that God has given us in Christ. There is nothing man can do to earn salvation from his past, or his present acceptance and walk with God.

Power or Life?

This is another excerpt from Classic Christianity. All my life i hear christians speak of “Power”. It makes me wonder, do they seek the Lord for the Love relationship he seeks, or do they seek him because of what he can do for them?

By: Bob George

I discovered why Christian service had been killing me. I already knew about the Holy Spirit; in fact, I had taught lectures about His ministry in our lives. But I always associated Him with power: giving me power to share Christ, power to understand the Bible, power to teach, power to serve. Of course, there is truth in that.

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