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need some help

im a 34 year old male in need of some prayer im married with 3 kids and as of tonight i just relized how far off i am with my walk with god .About 3 years ago we moved to a new town found a church started going my wife become involed with childrens church vbs etc things were going good money wise tithing like suposse to but it was all a lie from my stand point. i didnt like going i hated every sunday going there and would find resons not to go and begin talking her from going every sunday to when it was her time to teach .

Characteristics in A House Church Movement for Australia I’d Like to See

I am pondering again the whole issue of house churches. Having participated in some of the best “megachurches” or “wannabe-megachurches” in the country, often led by some really great leaders, where the Holy Spirit IS definitely working, my heart still hungers for “something more”. And it could never be what I have seen over the years in Australia amongst people who want to “be the church” and not “go to church”. It can’t just be a refuge for people hurt by ambitious leaders – people who want to do what is mostly comfortable and easy in the name of being “led by the Holy Spirit”.

Are you a Blue or a Grey?

This is the question that will determine your position in the latest schism within the Charismatic church.
To put it another way, do you welcome the “New move” of God with its strange fire, and unusual manifestations of the “spirit”?
Or are you cautious about such things, wanting to back up such Signs and wonders with scripture?
Is your spirit telling you to beware, or will you jump headlong into the “river”?
Blues represent spiritual openness, enlightenment, and oneness.

Social Security – the Bible Way

Are you happy with your country’s Social Security system?

Moses gave Israel a blueprint for Social Security, found in the Bible.

Certainly, we are no longer under Moses’ Law – since Christ came and gave us a New Commandment, which is the commandment of Love.

But since “love is the fulfilling of the Law”, it means that we who are under the New Covenant will still apply the same principles that are intrinsic within Moses’s Law.

Each point of Moses’ Law tells us something about love.

I hear you Lord

I hear your voice, my God
I hear you talk with me
Your words drips to my being
Your words gives me life

When I am down and depressed
When I am sad and confused
When I forget my way
I hear you speak to me

You speak to me
And give me hope
You promise to lead my way
You touch me with your words

I know you talk to me
With the voice within me
Even with the voice of others
You make me feel and I hear you

Yes, Moses heard your voice
I’m glad I hear you too
Your spirit in me
How can I deny, joyfully I listen to your voice

If I cannot hear my creator
Whom could I hear?

Capitalism is Biblical

I heard a Christian say she doesn’t believe in Capitalism. She believes there ought to be an equal distribution of wealth. She thinks this is what Jesus said. She thinks this is ‘standing for what is right’. She said we ought to maintain morals. She said we should give to the needy.

But when you think about it, she’s contradicted herself on at least two points. The very fact that she mentions ‘giving’, is an endorsement of Capitalism, because Capitalism is defined as the ‘economic system where ownership and control of capital is in private hands’.

Unfailing Love

I see His unfailing love
So profound and so true
My soul yearns for Him only
Seeking Him day and night

Why did I run from my Lord?
Why did I turn my face away from Him?
Why did I hurt Him so..?
Why did I backslide from my path?

How could I be like that?
How could I blind my own eyes?
How I thought, what should not?
How I became, what I am not?

But I hope for a hope
I know He is my Lord
Forgiveness comes, when I repent
Seeking mercy, crying at His feet.

I wonder at His patience
He knew I would return
How He paved my way back
Rejoicing for I am not lost

Dispensational view of Israel and the Church- is this right?

I often find a lot of people seem to hold somewhat to the dispensational view, and there is something that appears to me somewhat confused about the nature of Israel and the church.

Why Glory and Honor belong to God

My wife was telling me how when she first came to Christ she was very impressed with the love of Jesus, and how Jesus did so many things to lift her out of a bad place.

Its true, Jesus does lift us out of a bad place. Through Him, we get forgiveness of sins, new life, the hope of heaven, escape from hell, deliverance from the curse, new purpose and so on. Jesus even gives us a place and a function in His kingdom.

Sensible approach to “sola Scriptura” from a Pentecostal/charismatic POV?

I have often found in speaking to, or reading from things by, cessationist types, that they consider prophecies would have to be things that would be new revelation of the same weight as, and in addition to, Scripture. Also considering some alleged revelations written in Christian books, on the Net etc. I am wondering if we must not accept them if there is anything additional to Scripture? Now my own understanding is that prophecies, manifestations of the gifts of wrods of knowledge, wisdom, etc. will not be saying anything additional to Scripture, but is this necessarily the case?

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