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Looking for godly church

Yeah pretty much looking for a godly church in the US

Could Global Financial Panic be ushering in the Mark of the Beast?

The recent stock market downturn and freezing up of the credit system has sent the world into a tailspin. Fear is on every side – and FEAR it what it takes to get the world to accept power grabs by governments. World leaders are telling us that they need to act in unison to prevent the meltdown of our worldwide financial systems.

It is reported on debkafile the following:

“The only Western leader to address this problem head-on was Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. At a government session in Rome, Oct. 10, he revealed: “The idea of suspending the markets for the time it takes to rewrite new rules is being discussed.” Berlusconi added: “They can’t just be for one country, or even just for Europe, but global.”

“This remark was quickly retracted after a phone call from the White House in Washington, according to our sources, because it opens up the even more problematic question of who is competent to lead the rewriting of the rules. However, the IMF, high priest of the gospel that the market knows best, has already turned around and is calling for more international regulation and oversight on global finance, a further retreat from its basic tenets. ”

My Prayers

When I own a moment
A moment to kneel down my legs
And a moment to bow down my head
A moment to overwhelm my heart
To worship and praise
The Holy One in whom
I have immortal faith

O what will I say?
Or what will I ask?
For He is the author of my life
He knows all my needs
And accordingly fulfills all my desire
Bestowing His grace on the path of my life
Pouring His blessing as I search for His light

In His praise, I have no words to express
All that I do in His will
Is a token of His praise.
I adore you, O the love of my life
I fall at thy feet
To worship thy supreme m

Temple of my Lord

Day and night I burn in zeal
For your house, O God
As in drought, the barren land
Thirsts for rain to fall
So I wait for you, my Lord
When will you come, O God
In your presence I seek my dwelling
Under the shelter of your wings
I long for my soul to rest

In desolateness, I see your Temple
This is not in the way
You made it with your Blood, my Lord
It had become like a weary Bride
Torn between the rules
Made by the minds of men
Why have they entangled my soul?
In the ritual cage of this earthly norms

A Battle shall be fought
You will cleanse your Temple
And make it holy

Learning how to hear God’s voice – things I am learning only now

I have to say to my shame that there are certain basic things I never much practiced concerning how to hear God’s voice personally for myself. I believe the lack of knowledge here has limited the effectiveness of my communication with the Lord until now. Though I’ve heard God’s voice on many things, there are also many things in which I know I have acted presumptuously, and the bad results made me question the wisdom of trying to get specific guidance outside of just reading the Bible. However, the Bible is full of people who heard God in other ways besides reading the Holy Scriptures, and it contains many promises that God’s people can and do hear God’s voice (e.g. John 10:27).

Two principles I am learning are as follows:

1. When asking God to speak to us, evil spirits might give a reply also – by various means. Therefore, before expecting to hear from God, it is very good to verbally command the powers of darkness which may or may not be around to BE SILENT. Bind the powers of darkness before attempting to hear God on an important issue you are inquiring the Lord on.

2. The quality of our guidance depends on the condition of our hearts. The main problem we all face is PRIDE. The Bible says in Obadiah 3:


Hello everyone. I ask that you please be so kind and pray for my church which burned down 3months ago. The name to our temple is: “OPEN DOOR MISSIONARY”.We were located on Washington ave in The Bronx, NY. I know that the Lord has a beautiful temple for us, so I ask that you please pray for our faith. That iT may not fade way and that it may grow each day. IT’s amazing what the Lord does,because even through this thunderstorm I feel that our church is getting stronger. Please pray that we appreciate the beautiful temple that the Lord has in store for us.


Hello brothers and sisters! I just wanted to let all of you know how happy I am living my life with the Lord. Sometimes I dont understand his love. But i will love him back with all of my forces. I am so grateful to have know the Lord at such an early age. I could have spent the next 20,30,40,or even 50 years with out knowing about him. I am so thankful that he came in to my life and is showing me the truth through him.I am 19 years old,and went through alot of hardship at a very young age. I was living a life that was destryoing my soul and love for myself.

The Government of Jesus shall destroy the New World Order

“For unto us a Child is born; Unto us a Son is given; And the Government shall be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

“And of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end.” (Isaiah 9:6,7)

Many people who understand that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners haven’t really got a deep appreciation of the fact that Jesus came for much more than to be your Personal Savior.

It’s happening.

Ok folks, it is finally happening. We have been talking about the financial meltdown for over a year now. Many ridiculed my suggestions at the time but those far-sighted economic commentators who predicted a global shakedown, have been proved correct.

I believe that Gods revelation to us is progressive.


How I desire in my heart to hear him speak to me directly as he did to Moses and the ones before him. To hear God’s voice would be a permant scare in my heart. I know that I would become a better person and more persistant in prayer. I will never give up praying to recieve that wonderful gift. I want desperately for Jesus to pick me out of the crowd and make me help my people. I would love for the Lord to use me like he used Moses. And I know it was not easy for Moses, but the Lord was with him every step of the way.

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