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Urgent Prayer Request from YWAM, Orissa

This is is a request for prayer for YWAM missionaries and their churches in Orissa, India. The request came from Mable Hurst, an associate of HCJB Global. Please read and make this a matter of urgent prayer.

Dear beloved sponsors and friends of Good News India.

We have never seen anything like this. We knew that Orissa was the most resistant and hostile State in India as far as the Gospel is concerned. And we brushed off the continuous threats and harassment we faced as we went about His work. But none of our staff imagined that they would see this kind of carnage…..

Paige’s hand healed – live ministry clip from streets of Brisbane, Australia

Grant Shaw and the team from Bridgeman Christian Outreach Centre minister to a girl at one of the shopping malls in Brisbane, Australia. See her reaction as God heals her.

Grant Shaw on healing miracles through Outreach teams in Brisbane

Grant Shaw, youth pastor at Bridgeman Christian Outreach Centre in Brisbane, Australia talks about signs and wonders on streets of Brisbane, Australia and what Jesus Christ is doing through the young people who are stepping out in His name.

Healings in Brisbane Street Outreaches – Angela testifies

Angela talks about how how someone regained the feeling in their hand after prayer in the name of Jesus which happened on a street outreach in Brisbane, Australia.

I will worship the lamb of glory , I will worship the king of kings!!!

I have a wonderful joy in my heart!! I have been singing this song all day!! Yesterday was a great service! When I went up for prayer I experinced 2 hugs from the Lord. His spirtual hug and a physical hug from my pastor. As I was waiting to get prayed for I asked the Lord to hug me, to please show me how powerful he is. I also asked him to give me an open heart and to knock me down even if I resisted. The Lord is awesome and I am so thankful for him.

What about Aliens, UFOs, ETs and Government Black Ops?

A friend sent me a link to a youtube video series which one of his acquaintances had sent him – with some guy, Phil Schneider, talking about his experiences working as a geologist and engineer with some of the alleged “underground bases” in the United States. On this video, Mr Schneider makes some outrageous claims concerning the presence of intelligent extra-terrestrial alien life forms that are at work on this planet, co-operating at some level apparently with elements of the US Government and Military to bring in a New World Order.

World Economic Crisis – a Sign of the End? or Could it Be a Good Thing?

Is the current economic crisis (2008) really a sign that we are the last generation? is it really “preparing the way for an evil new world order” and an antichrist?

Predictably, many end-times preachers are now saying so, in their typical ethnocentric fashion. Perhaps these preachers have lost some value off their share portfolios so according to them that’s got to mean it’s the end of the world (even though billions of people in developed countries have never been able to afford shares in the first place, let alone lose some value off them).


Hello fellow readers, may god bless your family and goals. I was watching this movie for the first time and my heart shattered in a trillion pieces. I was hurt through out this whole movie. I spoke to my pastor about it and he told me that, that isn’t half of what they did to our precios Jesus. I have seen other Jesus movies and cried the way through them. But this movie opened my eyes a little more on how strong of a man Jesus is and how he loved us so. Even while they hammered the nails in his palms, he told our Lord to forgive them!!!!!

When does the fight end?

As I read over all of the different prayer request, I think to myself, I’m truly blessed and have no right asking others to pray for me, when there are so many others who need the Lord moreso than I do. Then I look @ my trial.





2- In the name of Jesus Christ,
I renounce all words that I have said that makes me submitted to someone else or a group of people.

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