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David Wilkerson on “The Gospel of Accommodation”

My wife just pointed out to me one of the most insightful and relevant articles I have ever read. It is from David Wilkerson, a preacher of righteousness whose ministry has stood the test of time. You can view this prophetic warning for the Assemblies of God movement here.

Caspar McCloud TV interview and testimony

Robert Ricciardelli reveals Todd Bentley deliberately defied Rodney Howard Browne


Rodney Howard Browne met with Todd Bentley early in the Lakeland meetings. ‘My advice to you is do not talk about angels, do not get off on angel Emma, preach the word of God and let’s see what God does.’ And Todd agreed with him.

Are Wagner’s Apostles Leaving? Fallout from Todd Bentley’s lies continues …

-Andrew Strom.

Last week we published a number of strong statements against
Lakeland by one of Peter Wagner’s ‘apostles’ named Robert
Ricciardelli. For those who are not aware, Peter Wagner heads
up an organization devoted to setting in place “apostles” over the church. This is known as the ‘New Apostolic Reformation’ (NAR), and it has been very controversial. I myself have never seen it as any kind of true “Reformation” – because all it seems to do is set up another level of hierarchy over the existing ones.

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