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Please pray for two people who I have witnessed to tonight.. Please help these poor lost souls with prayer.

Please pray for two people who I have witnessed to tonight. Both are not saved and have previously always scoffed and mocked me for my belief in Christ. I prayed for a time for this to happen and was over joyed when I got a moment. Tonight I got their attention and they listened. My brain never works when it comes to being a witness something happens to me and I end up saying things in a different way to my plan. Please pray for both of these souls because as it turns out both are just frightened to face the thought of life after death.

a question about posting

I am about to post. However, the preview did not show the headings in the font size and selected style. (I was succesful to use the italics tag.

Could anyone tel me how to format the headings?

Thank you, pieter

Hindu Atrocities against Christians in India

In the past, Hinduism had a reputation for being a peaceful, tolerant religion. Well, all that has changed now that fundamental Hindus once again are forming mobs, killing Christians, burning their homes and churches, and sending thousands for their lives into the forest.

Its happening at the time of writing especially in Orissa state, India. There is also government backed state sponsored violence against Christians in Karnataka, even in Bangalore city.

You can read about it at this website about persecution of Christians in India.


i have learned while writing this blog is people are just a little stupid, strange, totally not perfect and only the special ones will ever get threw to me.
i wrote this blog to make a discussion, turned out to be a lesson to me.


Every other day we hear someone, somewhere is persecuted, martyred, humiliated and convicted for being a Christian. I could like to know from you (Christians), why is it so that this happens to us? Is there something wrong in us or in others? If it is in us what are the reasons?

I believe to get some reasonable answers from everyone here. I hope you will give some of your precious time to pinpoint things out.

Towards a Culture of Discernment in Full-Gospel/Charismatic Churches

I was brought up in a part of the Anglican church where we were encouraged to read and study the Bible for ourselves. We were taught that the beliefs we have concerning theology and the gospel should be based on what the Scriptures say, and not merely on the pronouncements of “God’s chosen leaders”. Of course no church movement has really been able to follow this principle through fully until now, but it is a noble thing to at least espouse the principle.

FINALLY – an apology and repentance from a major Charismatic leader

Site author’s note: It is refreshing that one of the “big name” leaders personally associated with many of the people who foolishly endorsed Todd Bentley has had the guts to talk about it, and raise SOME of the deeper issues that this whole fiasco has highlighted. Let us pray for Dutch Sheets and hope that this will help trigger some pretty serious REPENTANCE and RE-THINKING amongst those who believe they are called to LEAD and TEACH the people of GOD. – MF

-Dutch Sheets.

Prophets and Prophecies

I would like to open a forum which is much debated in our society. First of all, what does it mean by the term prophets and prophecies? Is it written in Bible the Holy Book of Christ that during the last days some prophets will be born, who will tell us of new prophecies? Does the people who actually claim that they speak prophecies in the name of God know exactly what they are speaking and when will they be fulfilled? Are they trying to add anything which is strictly forbidden at the end of the Book of Revelation? Is not the Bible complete in itself that someone need to add something to it?

Please pray for me.

I’m controlled by some kind of voodoo and black magic. I need God to save me, protect me and cleanse me. Please pray for me, thanks! My name is Patrick Chien.

Where is the True Church of God today?

I would like to ask and know the concept of what does it mean by the word Church of God in Christianity? Does it represent material Church made up of bricks, decorated with lifeless things or something else? Also where is today the True Church of God in this world? What does it mean when it is said that a born again in Christ should belong to a Church? After all which Church did Christ loved so much that He gave himself for it? Did he tell us to built up a Church so that on the last Judgement day He will come to take it with Him?

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