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Globalist Agendas, World Government and the Spirit of AntiChrist

For those with eyes to see, who realise that certain agendas are being pushed by the masters of spin to shape public opinion, it is very clear today that a globalist agenda for a world government is being pushed.

We have European Union leaders trying to form a Federal Superstate – with or without the consent of the people.

A North American Union consisting of the USA, Canada and Mexico is being pushed.

All of a sudden we are hearing about the “African Union”.

If America Bombs Iran

It seems a lot of people are predicting America will strike Iran → Iran will strike Israel → Israel will nuke Iran → sparking global nuclear war with muslims, Russia & China against America and Israel, bringing human civilization to an end. But someone sent me an interesting study about, “Can America Survive an All-out Nuclear Attack?” The answer is yes. And here’s the reason:

Imagine if every major population-center in America is suddenly annihilated in simultaneous, surprise nuclear attacks and America instantly loses 225 million lives.

Hello to everyone

I would say I don’t know what to say at this point, only hello and how happy I am to have found this website. I get such a good feeling from some of the beautiful words and testimonies on here and would love to make friends with any brothers and sisters that would like to do so.

Greeting from a sister in SC

My name is Carol, I have been happily married to the same man for the last 20 years. We have 2 children – a son 18 and a dughter 17. I found MIchael’s site as I was searching for help regarding demon possession. My daughter has been reading thos vampir/werwolf/possessed books by Stepahnie Meyer. I have let her how I disapprove of these, but lately she has been so disagreeable, I avoid any avoidable conflict. As I was praying for Our Heavenly Faqther to help my baby, He told me that her soul is in teriible danger, from the influence of these books.

Jesus told us to give to the poor, not to serve Mammon

Dear friends, as I go on in the Christian life, I am coming to appreciate more just how important it is for us to give to the poor. We need to give time, physical resources AND the gospel to the poor. Without giving time, our hearts are not involved.

My thoughts on the Lakeland revival

The recent phenomena known as the Lakeland revival has caused quite a storm and has raised many questions in my mind some of which I will endeavour to elaborate on here. Some of the issues have become quite clear over the course of the last few days while others remain a little more obscure.

There is no doubt at all that The Lakeland revival contains many elements that are not of God.

What, if any, out of the works of the “Church Fathers” (or early Christian writers) is worth reading?

This question came up partly as a result of debating with ceretain Catholic and “Orthodox” persons on Facebook. They have made reference to the Church “Fathers”- some of the early Christian writers from the era following the age of the New Testament and the original apostles.





The Utopian nightmare

The occult inspiration of the enlightenment in Europe between the 17th and 18th century has been responsible for millions of people being drawn into Gnostic style philosophies and sciences.

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