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Why Laugh in the Spirit?

When you hear someone laughing in the spirit, there is more that is happening than meets the eye. Angels are involved. Victories are being won. It could be called a form of prayer.

Laughter in the Spirit is a faith-response by our spirit to God’s victory through Christ over the devil.

Laughter in the Spirit is a participation by the believer in the victory of Him of Whom it is written, “He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh”.

The Bible says that angels ‘ascended’ and ‘descended’ upon the Son of Man. Notice angels ascend before they descend.

Back to the Gospel

We’ve all seen book titles similar to: “How to Discover Your Divine Destiny”; “God’s Plan for Your Life”; or “How to Reach Your Life Goals”.

Of course there is much in such titles that can be helpful to us. But may I suggest an exercise of the mind?

Imagine yourself as a believer in a country where you’ve been arrested for your faith, tortured and imprisoned.

Imagine being handed one of the above titles while you sit in your prison-cell awaiting your unjust execution like many of your brothers and sisters in Christ before you.

Hold the glossy book in your hands.

Can this life satisfy you?

I mourn for people who are hoping to be fulfilled and satisfied in the course of their short life here on earth.

I reflected today that in just 28 years I will be 70 years of age. I am 42 now and the years just seem to keep finishing faster every year!

Maybe you are still a teenager or a young twenty-something. Time seems to move slowly enough for you right now, and the world seems to promise so much. I am telling you, its going to change sooner than you know.

I think for a lot of people we look forward to turning say 22 and think that would be a good place to stop.

For Lovers of Pleasure

As I see it, a lot of pleasures are of course God-given and its good for us to give thanks for them. But I want to say something to people who believe that their whole pursuit in life should basically be for pleasure in one form or another. I would say it is a pretty popular view and one worth addressing.

An early Christian leader, Paul, wrote that if there is no resurrection, “Let us eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die”. In other words, if this life is all there is to live for, then let’s live it up and enjoy it.

Messages For the World’s People

This section of is being opened to create a forum in which hopefully communication can happen with people who are not convinced about Jesus Christ; people who are looking in other directions for meaning, satisfaction and purpose in their lives.

I hope to be able to address some of the thinking that is out there. I’m sure many non-Christians will also be able to help me understand better their points of view through this section.

My love and I

Please pray we get over this hurdle and God will grant us the love that will keep us together and the sacrament of marriage.

Michael, please join me in prayer as I fast this week

I will be fasting this week from 3/21 to 3/28. Please join me in prayer as I ask God to show me who and what to prayer for. Also pray with me that temption has no hold on me as I fast. God has called me to do His Work and I have to stop listening to flesh and listen to God! Thank God for you and your site Bro Michael
In Jesus Name
Bro Greg

Michael, please join me in prayer as I fast this week.

Praise the Lord, Bro Michael
I am taking you up on your fasting challenge. I am fasting (Daniel fast) from 3/24 to 3/28. I am asking God to show me who and what to pray for during my fast. I plan on studying God’s Word and Praising Him and His Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit through pary and worship. Please pray with me that through God’s help, I am able to fight temption and weakness throughout my fast.
I have read your call to fasting study and was enlightened by it. May God’s continue to bless you and the work that you are doing in His Name.
In Jesus Name
Bro Greg

Reasons to be a Christian, not a wiccan

There are a lot of young people, young ladies especially, who find the teachings of wicca very appealing and empowering. I thought it interesting to hear one women’s view on why she worships Jesus Christ and not “the goddess”.

It is important for Christians to understand that wiccans are not satanists. Actually, they do not believe in the existence of Satan. They have a rule that you are not supposed to harm anyone.

Commands and Promises Concerning Strength

We may say that we are too weak, that we are not strong enough to do the will of God. That is certainly true if it is a matter of our own strength, but God commands us to be strong in Him, and He promises the strength we need.

Isa 40:29 He gives power to the weak, And to those who have no might He increases strength.

We have hope because it is God who gives power to us when we are weak.

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