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Oh, That You Would Rend the Heavens and Come Down

A Cry for Revival in our day.

A beautiful testimony – a muslim meets Christ and follows Him

KAMRAN was a devoted muslim but never met God as a muslim though he wanted to so much. But one day he saw Jesus, and Jesus convinced him of things he could never have accepted if someone else had told him.

What to look for in a church

The word translated “church” in Greek is ‘ekklesia’ which means an assembly of people called out. It is as if God calls people out from the world and they assemble together as the Lord leads.

Now as Christians, we are called by God to “love one another”, “serve one another”, “exhort one another” and so forth, and these things cannot be done in isolation.

Bill Wiese – 23 minutes in hell

Bill Wiese, a real estate agent testifies of the experience he had in hell out of his body. Jesus took him to hell and back so he could testify of what is there.

A Divine Revelation of Hell – Mary K. Baxter

I first read this book in the Romanian language in 1995 or thereabouts. It really impacted me then. Of course, it is not compulsory to believe in the visions and revelations of others (unless they are in the Bible), but if God speaks to you through this, then praise His Holy Name.

I imagine hell is far worse than our minds are willing to imagine. We are on this earth for a very limited season. For some people, life is cut off unexpectedly.

Dr Whitaker – a terrifying experience of darkness as a dying atheist

Dr Whitaker M.D. was a very well informed and well educated medical doctor and researcher who was nevertheless an alcoholic. He fell gravely ill and was taken to hospital where he was slipping in and out of his body it seems.

Hell is real – evangelize while there is still time.

We need a Saviour because of our own free will we have broken God’s Holy Laws. Putting other things before God, making a god of our own imagination, dishonoring the name of Jesus, breaking the Sabbath, dishonoring our parents, stealing, hating, committing adultery (in our hearts at least), lying about others and loving money – we have broken every one of God’s commandments.

Howard Storm – to hell and back

Howard Storm, an art professor was travelling in Europe when he had a stomach rupture. He was taken to hospital but no surgeon was available to treat him. After waiting some time and hearing that there was still no surgeon he gave up hope, said goodbye to his wife, went unconscious and then into clinical death.

He found himself outside his body, saw his own dead body, but did not know what was happening. He tried to speak with his wife but she could not hear him, which made him angry.

Ronald Reagan goes to hell and back

No, its not the former president of the United States of America. Its another Ronald Reagan, one who was caught up in violence and hatred. It was a result of being attacked with broken glass that he lost blood and was taken to hospital. While there, he actually saw hell while clinically dead.

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