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From Atheism to Faith – Justin Combs

The Broken House of the Foolish: A True Story of a Man Who Found God – By Justin Combs


By looking at our surroundings, what do we see? Do we see only what we want to see, or are we able to broaden our perspective and get a greater idea of what is beyond the range of our eyes? Do our pleasures in this life come from what we can touch with our hands, or does it come from the knowledge that we have of what may seem to be beyond this plane of existence? For that matter, what is pleasure?

Undermining the Work of The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit has been at work in the lives of many Roman Catholics causing them to question the tradtions and the hierarchy of the Catholic church. The Holy Spirit has been drawing people out of the Catholic church and setting them free. Now this pope has issued a document stating that the Catholic church is the only true church here on earth.

Vatican text say others are not really churches

I refer to the article on BBC news, Vatican text angers Protestants.

It begins by saying, “Pope Benedict has approved a new text asserting that Christian denominations outside Roman Catholicism are not true Churches in the full sense of the word.”

And further, concerning this document:

“Other Christian denominations, it argues, cannot be called Churches in the proper sense because they cannot trace their bishops back to Christ’s original apostles.”

It is good for the Roman Catholic church to state their position openly, wh

Did the rapture occur?

Wow, I know it can’t be true. But it sure feels like I was left behind.

Accepting that we are not wiser than God

Whenever a person rebels against authority, whether it be against a human government, against parents, against church leaders, or against God, it is always done for a reason.

For example, 200+ years ago the American people rebelled against the British colonial government. This government was seen as tyrannical and unfair.

What bible do you use, and why?

I’ve been doing a study on biblical translations going back to the first English Bible, which we commonly know as the King James Version. In 1611 A.D. King James I of England authorized this translation through a select committee of Greek and Hebrew scholars from the Church of England. Some had ties to the Puritans and later the Pilgrims who emigrated to America.

Textual criticism is an academic discipline which scholars studied existing Greek and Hebrew manuscripts. Prior to 1455 (the advent of the printing press) all copies of the Bible were hand copied by scribes.

Why pursue wealth when you can pursue God?

We need a certain amount of money in order to sustain our families or, if we are single, our own lives. Most people have to work to get that money. Fair enough.

Soldier of God

I have been wanting to write on another topic but God just keeps bringing me back to being a soldier of God. One thing that people must realize is that in God’s army you do not have to be in a-one shape physically. You must be spiritually in top shape. A soldier in the army of God has a code of conduct and it is the Holy Bible. He refers back to it daily. His weapons are not earthy weapons but prayer, faith in God and the Word of God. A soldier learns from the Holy Spirit. He knows that the enemy is out there 24/7 to bring havoc upon God’s children.

Help my father please…

i think that he has the chance of having a prostate cancer..

it really depresses me to know and see him in pain..

please join me in prayer for him,. i know that God will listen to us..

also pray for my family to see more of God.

thank you very much

May God bless us all

hello there

im kathleen and i hope to have new friends here.

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