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Visions of the World of Spirits received by Sadhu Sundar Singh


The life of Sadhu Sundar Singh was most remarkable in it’s Christ-likeness. He was born amidst the depths of Indian culture and religion, and into a Sikh family. During the early part of his life, Sundar’s mother would take him week by week to sit at the feet of a sadhu, an ascetic holy man, who lived some distance away in the rainforest.

But with the death of his beloved mother when he was only fourteen years old, the young Sundar grew increasingly despairing and aggressive.

The Impending Financial Crisis and its meaning

When I speak about all the great things and miracles of God happening in India, Eastern Europe, Africa and other developing nations, people sometimes ask: “Why don’t these things seem to happen here in Australia?” I am sure people are asking the same questions in America and Western Europe also.

Happiness and joy, sadness and godly sorrow

Happiness and joy, sadness and godly sorrow
Happiness comes from enjoying/experiencing and delighting in the good things/people of the world.
However, joy comes from enjoying/experiencing and delighting yourself in God or in His things. And no one can have joy without having a good relationship with God.

Before living in God’s truth, what are the steps?

Before living in God’s truth, what are the steps?

Living in God’s truth means following His Word, and His Word brings life, peace and joy. Those who live in His Word are righteous in God’s eyes. We follow/live in His Word by depending on the strength and power that comes from His Spirit. If we do not depend on the strength and power that comes from God, there will be no way to follow His Word because our own natural sinful nature in us stops us from following His Word.

Kingdom of God

For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Hello to you all and thank you for letting me introducing myself!

This is James and I am a new comer here. I just signed this up like a day or so. I think this site is very cool. There are many good teachings in this site. I really appreciate the owner who puts all the work here and that may God be glorified through this.

Reason and purpose of life

What is man’s ultimate purpose in life?
Man’s ultimate purpose is to have an intimate loving relationship with his Maker (God).
That’s the reason man exist.

There is reason and purpose in everything. A reason creates a purpose and the fact that there is a purpose shows that there is a reason behind it.

The reason why man exit in this earth is to fulfill the purpose of having an intimate loving relationship with God. This is the Divine purpose of God for mankind.

hello to all

Hello my name is Brian. I’m fairly new here and haven’t posted yet. I was raised a Southern Baptist and was saved in my childhood. A couple of months ago the Lord sent me a message. After 40 years and attempting to find out how “life starts at 40”, God sent me a warning, and my sins were revealed one after another almost daily and even hourly some days. I have spent days and hours falling to my knees praying for forgiveness and direction. I was so upset I could barely function. I kept praying and seeking him. I surrounded myself with God and Christianity.

Pray for my nephew Roger (TB patient)

Please pray for Roger’s healing

Need to release FEAR and have HEALING

I am not new to this site…just a stranger to it. I let the worst things get the best of me.

I am 21 years old. Two years ago I was in a place that was just not what God wanted for me. I used to go out a lot and I distanced myself considerably from my family and all the right people. I did drugs and I drank quite heavily. To say the least I was not taking care of my temple.
I was going about my daily habits one day while my family was away on vacation and suddenly I felt like my vision was flashing on and off of whatever I was looking at. I don’t know if it was a bad “trip”.

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