I could only read the first two testimonies at the top of the blog. I really don’t know anything about blogs so if this ends up somewhere it doesn’t belong then so be it… but I really had to join this discussion. This is why…
I had been telling my family about certain numbers that have been prevalent in my life over the past 18 years. I never understood them and though I was not “into” the bible the way I should have been, I knew God would let me know what it was all about, or angels were communicating with me about something or someone. But in 2001, those numbers got a new number added to them, that number was 11. It was random and only lasted a year or more. I thought perhaps I knew someone who passed in the 9/11 attack. Like I said, still not “into” the bible. My understanding was limited. All the numbers went away for a couple years, maybe 2005 while I was commiting a sinful act. But they began to re-emurge over the past couple years. And my experience is VERY similar to the posts I have read.
I have been trying to find out the reason for this number. In 2007 I began to enjoy the company of a Christian family who “took me in” so to speak and really enlightened me about God’s word. Since then, I have not turned back. I have made some mistakes and will humanly continue to, but I strive daily to please God and become more intimate with Him.
Ok… 11 is everywhere. I have prayed for vision or leadership or something, anything God wants to give me to answer the question, “why 11?” So, I began to pray every time I see it. And what has happened is it has shown my true heart.
An hour ago, my daughter was texting me… it was 11:10pm. I knew 11:11 was about to show and I knew I would be puposely ignoring 11:11 just so I could text her back… my heart was not right, so I set the phone down and began to sing Psalms 100 until the song was over. Then I responded to my daughter.
I used to try to avoid it in fear that it may be something evil attempting to penetrate my life with Jesus. But instead, when I was driving down the highway and a car pulled in front of me with a bumper sticker on it, yes it was an 11. Why would anyone have the number 11 on a bumper sticker let alone stick it on their car and drive in front of me? So I prayed. Another highway, the only mile post they have posted on the 5 mile strip?…. 11. A street I frequent when I go home from work, the only house with a mailbox that I have seen… yes, 11. 11 past any hour… 1:11, 11:11, 3:11, 2:11… While I’m sitting there watching TV, the hours go by without notice and for no reason, I look at the clock at past the hour but what is astonishing about it is it doesn’t go away… which means I noticed it during the first second or so after it turned to that minute.
OK… that isn’t enough?… I have always believed in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ but my relationship wasn’t strong with God, the Holy Spirit… I’m now in my 40’s and this year I finally understood and accepted Jesus as my LORD and Savior WITH NO HESITATION, NO QUESTION AS TO THE VALIDITY OF HIS POSITION WITH GOD ALMIGHTY. For years, I have been reserved and questioned the truth… I stopped doing that in Feb 2011. Then, I began to change many things in my life… and I purchased a truck and registered it and got the licence plates. There are letters on the plate but the two numbers are 9 and 2. 9+2=11. My cousin passed away in May and some of my behaviors surprised my mother. We discussed how I’m becoming a new person. My license plate is J92-ANW. Jesus 11 A New Woman.. J92-ANW.
This was a constant reminder to me to dig deeper and never stop praying, searching or learning and growing.
This is the short version of my story as I do not know what 11 is all about. Is it just for me? Is it less personal than that?… is it about my family, my country, the world?… end times? And if it is about end times, what is the message that is being noticed but not recognized?
Now I know I’m not the only one… my mom is going to freak out when I visit with her during the day… I keep telling her I don’t want to be a weirdo, but I have to find out what this is all about.
I pray that all of you who are experiencing this with me, will begin to have the heart and mind of a child, to imagine with your hearts and not your minds.
Someone said something about science and I do not disagree, but in this case, we are beyond science and we must rely strictly on what the Holy Spirit will expose to us in the name of Jesus, Yeshua Messiah who gifted us with the Holy Spirit for just such a purpose as this.
Thank you all for sharing…
It’s a small world after all….. yes. WWW is what brought us all together, thanks be to God in heaven Ruler who reigns over all…


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