You Need Mercy from God

A Message for People who do not know, love or believe in Jesus Christ:

It would be good if people would set their minds on ETERNITY and consider where they will be in 100 years. It may seem odd to some people who have been brainwashed all their lives by humanists, but there is a real LIVING GOD, there is a spiritual world and YOU are going to know what that means for all eternity. So make sure you get on the right side of this LIVING GOD who MAKES ETERNAL LAWS and will JUDGE you – whether the idea of this "offends" you or not. You need to ask for mercy from this God. There is mercy to be found, but as long as you persist in thinking that it is YOU who sets the standard and not Almighty God, you are unlikely to either ask for OR RECEIVE the mercy you so desperately need.


Please take the time to check these things out. There are good reasons to believe in the Bible. There is an offer of grace, mercy and love. There is also a warning of punishment and infinite loss for those who prefer to follow the crowd in doing wrong.

What do YOU think?


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  1. Images of Jesus says:

    eternal laws – we might pretend they do not apply to us – but the fact remains – they are eternal laws.


    Am very glad to visit the site and knowing abt GOD mercy on people who have faith on him.
    So i came to knew that Eternal Laws also exist as recently few days back i have accepted Lord Jesus in my life.
    Thankyou for such wonderful WEBSITE.

    Even thankyou to Lord Jesus for helping me n showing me mercy to know abt eternal laws.

  3. yashua777 says:

    Night club city is a great new internet game

    it reminds me of the time we offered free pass outs from the eternal night club ” HELL”
    we offered these pass outs that really were christian tracts

    we preached here is your free pass out from the eternal night club “HELL”
    where the fire never quells and the suffering never ends

    well this evangelizing effort was effective as i bumped into a guy that was saved from this endeavor

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