You Better Get This

“I Tell You The Truth” (68 times throughout the gospels) NLT

One of the things that young children need to learn is to avoid hazards. They do it by paying strict attention during concrete situations. One basic hazard a child better learn is to watch for cars in the street. I remember a time in my childhood when I learned this truth. I was carrying a garden rake across the road. It so happened that a car was coming from both directions and met me at the same time. Each car hit the shoulder of the road to avoid hitting me.

My parents stood on the front porch in extreme fright. They declared war on me after crossing the road, even though I was not harmed. I learned that basic lesson quickly through their vehement teaching. There are many lessons in life to which we need to give our undivided attention because they are important.

Jesus said, “I Tell You The Truth” 68 times throughout the gospels. It was His way of stressing the importance of what He had to say. He was also saying, “Get this. This is important to you.”

It would be a long study, but it would be advantageous for anyone to create a list of those times that Jesus admonished us to give our full and undivided attention to His words. Such a venture would teach a lot of truth and help one to mature in Christ. That in turn would help to develop a deeper relationship with the Lord. A relationship with Him is the bottom line of a successful, joyous and victorious life.

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