After reading the divine revelations on the internet, I decided to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. I had long back stopped going to church, but I was praying on my own at home. The divine revelations revealed a lot to me. That weekend I burnt my rosary, my medals and everything else I used for my prayers. I was raised as a catholic. I asked for forgiveness from God. I repented and asked Jesus to come into my life and for Him to take control of my life. That was beginning of August 2011. I asked God to speak to me using His word.

A week later, in my dream I was running away from my enemy, fear overcame me. Suddenly a hand grabbed my hand and I started reciting Psalms 91 in my dream, but because of the fear I had I could not recite it properly.

A week later I decided to go on an Esther fast. I was fasting for God to baptize me in the holy Spirit, and for Him to lead me to a church where the Holy Spirit is moving in it. I told God that I did not want wealth from Him, I just wanted to feel His presence in me, for Him to change me and use me the way He saw fit. I told Him how much I yearned for Him. 2 days into my fast I was by myself in the house and I heard three knocks on the door. When I checked, there was no one at the door. The following day I dedicated the whole day to the Lord, reading His word meditating and praising Him. As I played the Hillsongs, I cried out to Him, I visualizied a staircase going up to heaven with a bright light at the top of the stair case. As I sat down to break my fast I recalled how God spoke to me at the beginning of the yea, before I even started reading the Divine Revelations on the internet, using 1 Samuel 3:10. On Sunday, 21st of August 2011 the same time as the second day into my fast the knocks began again I did not answer. I was in the kitchen, I went to my bedrooom to get the Bible and read 1 Samuel 3:10. As the knocks continued I asked whether it was the Lord knocking, I did not get an answer. As I went to bed that night, I prayed over it and I asked the Lord to speak to me using His word regarding the knocks. When I woke up, I remember reciting in my sleep that the Lord said – “I will pour out my Spirit to all inhabitants, your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your old men will dream dreams and young men will see visions” I knew it was a verse from the Bible, but I did not know which Book, chapter and verse. I started reading the Bible until I came across it. I confided in my friend about the whole issue. After a few days my friend came to me and told me that God asked her to tell me to be baptized. Somehow I had my doubts because I was telling myself that God will answer me. I am afraid to listen to other people lest I am led astray. Please I pray for assistance on this as I was asking God to manifest the promise to me. I am not sure of how to manifest this in my life unless I wait for God to tell me what to do next. Please pray for me, I need to hear God’s voice clearly. I miss on a lot of things because of not listening to God’s voice.

God Bless

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