Over the years, I have heard many criticisms about the Charismatic form of worship. I myself came from a conservative evangelical church. Reality is, there is no perfect church and in whichever church I attend, there are negative aspects. So at the end of the day, I choose a church that connects me with God most, and that’s what I like about the Charismatic churches.

There’s something about the worship in that it opens up my heart to receive God. It sets the atmosphere and prepares me to worship my Father intimately. It allows me to get loss for 20-30mins to focus on God, to unwind from the challenges that I’m constantly battling with in this world, to give to Him my worries… it allows me to unload properly. It’s something I should be doing on my own at home I know, but I’ll get as much I can. It’s vital for me. It’s encouraging and it’s through the body of Christ, the support and encouragement of the body that is important. I can sing and pray on my own in my the comfort of my own home but I am not going to get the encouragement I will get in a congregation of like-minded people. There’s something electrifying about the latter.

For 6.5 yrs, we attended a church where the worship was led by inexperienced, unskilled people who did not give thought (coz they were not trained or necessarily have the talent) to the “flow” of worship. In a remote location where the choice of people were limited, this is not the fault of the church but the fact of life about living in a remote place. However, if resources are available, why not use it for the glory of God? If the skills and talents are out there to be tapped and used to help minister to people, why settle for second best? If it’s bringing me closer to God, Praise the Lord!

In that 6.5yrs, it was left to me to have good intimate worship on my own. But it was hard to find albums that would have that a continuous worshipful flow. And then if I did find one, I couldn’t reuse it over and over again without it getting stale. But to be able to go to a church service and have fresh anointed flow of worship each week is such a blessing. If there’s anything the Charismatic churches do well in, it’s their worship and their preaching. And in that, I see God’s hands of providence in using the many differing talents of the church to bring people to Him.

Don’t knock it down. If it doesn’t do anything for you, don’t criticise it when it is doing others good. Leave the judgment to God and mind our own business.

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