World Economic Crisis – a Sign of the End? or Could it Be a Good Thing?

Is the current economic crisis (2008) really a sign that we are the last generation? is it really “preparing the way for an evil new world order” and an antichrist?

Predictably, many end-times preachers are now saying so, in their typical ethnocentric fashion. Perhaps these preachers have lost some value off their share portfolios so according to them that’s got to mean it’s the end of the world (even though billions of people in developed countries have never been able to afford shares in the first place, let alone lose some value off them).

Alternatively, (instead of jumping to the conclusion that this whole crisis must be the result of a conspiracy to introduce an evil world-ruler in this generation) can’t we take the view that this current economic crisis may actually result in some long-term good, rather than bad? Who knows whether future generations won’t reflect back on this crisis as the moment in history when beneficial corrections were made to the economic systems of the developed world.

This crisis was caused in part because of interest and because of borrowing – two things which the Law of Moses promised God’s covenant nation would never need to charge themselves with. So if developed nations had followed a more Biblical economic system, the boom-bust economic cycle we are seeing today could not have occurred.

In other words, our system needed correcting. So now that circumstances are forcing some of those changes – and economists and politicians are beginning to talk about some of those adjustments – why can’t we, instead of calling it the “end of the world”, instead see the present circumstances as potentially having a beneficial outcome? Why can’t we, instead of assuming some sinister man-made conspiracy must be at work, instead see the potential for many helpful economic corrections?

It’s sad that 2 million people have lost their jobs in the United States and that 20 million people have lost their jobs in China. And even if the most dire economic forecasts come true – such circumstances in themselves still will not necessarily be a sure sign that ours must be the last generation: because other economic systems in earlier generations have similarly had their rise and fall, all without any eschatological significance to their own generation. So why should OUR crisis in OUR generation be considered to be any more significant eschatologically than even worse crises in earlier generations?

Keep in mind that the details of Biblical prophecy won’t be fulfilled within a predictable time-frame based on an observable escalation of man-made events – rather, Biblical prophecy shall be fulfilled at a time of God’s own choosing. Therefore the verse still holds true: “no man knows the day nor the hour”.

Therefore, since we cannot know the day nor the hour of His coming, let us acknowledge that the entire Church Age is called intrinsically “the last days” (the signs have been present for every generation throughout the Church Age); let us live holy; and let us preach the good news.

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