Woman Healed of Blindness

A Caucasian woman is ecstatic with joy when she receives her sight back from the Lord Jesus.

As the man born blind in John 9 said, “If this man were not from God, he could do nothing…”

This happened at T.B. Joshua’s church in Nigeria.

Don’t believe all the lies you can read on the net about this man, mostly written by people who never went there to check it out. My former pastor went there, and confirmed to me the genuine nature of what is going on. T.B. Joshua was also endorsed by Bill Subritzy, a great God-fearing evangelist, and many other true servants of the Lord.

One reason I believe that this minister is of God is because I know that he has not turned this into a business where he tries to commercialise the grace of God through seed faith offerings and so forth. At one stage, apparently, T.B. Joshua did not even have a bank account! His teaching is very simple, but biblical. It emphasises dependence on the Holy Spirit and obedience to God.

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  1. michael says:

    You know, at times, like in the case of the centurion’s servant, Jesus just spoke a word from a distance and the person was healed. Other times, Jesus spat into the eyes of the blind. He did not always lay hands on the sick.

    No verse in the Bible says, “The only way you should minister healing is through the laying on of hands”.

  2. chicamiel says:

    I’m not trying to be negative, but doesn’t the bible say that they will lay hands on the sick and they will be healed in Jesus names. Those are the signs of those who are true followers of Jesus.

    This man did not lay one hand on her….to me, it seemed more like Voodoo.

    • Paul Bartelt says:

      Hello Chicamiel and everyone. God can and does heal in innumerable ways. There is no set way. We heal as Jesus did and in ways He didn’t. One time Jesus spit and made mud and put it on a man’s eyes. The Holy Spirit will lead you in what to do if you are in tune with Him. Pray and ask God to show you what to do. Paul

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