Will there be a MAJOR world event before the New Year?

I am posting this on Christmas Day. We heard a report from one young prophet we have some respect for that some major event will be taking place within 2 weeks of Christmas, or thereabouts.

Let us see.

What do YOU think?


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  1. Is the Second Event related to – The Two Witnesses written in the Book of Revelation? May be the time had come for these things to happen.

    • So far these things, horrible as they are, are pretty much par for the course. I could be wrong, but I don’t think we are right now seeing Bible prophecy specially fulfilled.

  2. Michael,

    Please elucidate on your first post. If not on here then to me in private.
    I want to know if what you saw is like what I have seen.


  3. Folks, its just come on the news that Israel has launched an unprecedented attack on Hamas, 150 people are dead already.

    Hamas has already appealed to Teheran for support. This was done before the attacks. Teheran is sending aid in any case – whether the Israelis will allow it to go through is another question.

    There is also significant tension rising between India and Pakistan. Pakistan is apparently 20,000 troops to the border with India.

    We ought to pray for these things – a lot of people will be lost if we don’t pray. I hope Christian people everywhere will begin to pray for Jesus Christ to be revealed in these situations. Have we done what we can to pray?

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