Why We Have Painful Challenges and Trials

If God removed all challenges, we would never grow and overcome obstacles. He often permits difficulty in our lives because He is trying to reveal something that needs to be strengthened or changed in us. Our weaknesses are never revealed in good times, but they quickly show up in times of trial and tribulation.
Sometimes He shows us what we are afraid of because He wants to deliver us from that fear and strengthen us for things that will come in the future. In those times, we need to say, "Thank You, God, for allowing me to see that fear in my life. It reveals an area that needs to be dealt with in me." Once that particular area of fear is dealt with, then the enemy will have a very hard time bothering you — and succeeding — in that area again. This is one way God hardens us to difficulties and teaches us not to be afraid.
TRUST IN HIM — Think of a situation that once
made you fearful but you now handle without fear.
Some things you go through in life may not feel good
initially, but they will work out for your good if you keep
going forward and trust God to strengthen you each step 
of the way.
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