Why there are still sinners

One man told another man that the Heavenly Father wishes that no man perish but accepts his son as his sacrifice to have eternal life. The other man said how that could be, with so many sinners in the world. The man then replied, has not your mother called you before and you fail to answer or pretend not to hear that she called you. So the question is who does the responsibility lays on the caller or the one who is been called.
Men fail to respond and then want to blame God for their state of life.

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  1. lookingforhope2011 says:

    Or, if I may add. They do respond and when God rescues them from their troubles they get over complacent and think they can handle it on their own. And leave God by the wayside! How many times did Israel do this in the desert! And I have been guilty myself! But true wisdom comes when one realizes that our insurance is in God alone! Amen

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