Why the Media is So Important for Us

Following on from the thought that all believers may be anointed to minister reconciliation and communicate by the power of the Holy Spirit, I want to say that it is important for us to use appropriate means in order to fulfil the Great Commission – to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations. Jesus told us to preach the gospel to all Creation. The mass media stands out to me as being one of the most culturally relevant and cost effective tools for doing just this.

We are being conditioned to believe that if we want to reach a lot of people for Christ, we need to stand behind some kind of church pulpit. But this is nonsense. What we really need to do is get into places in society where we will truly “be heard”. The issue is not whether you yourself are called to be a public speaker, or writer, but whether you are truly part of a team that IS involved in getting the message of God across to as many people as possible in a credible way.

As the people of God we need to be heard, otherwise we cannot discharge our responsibility before God.

Jesus did not limit his ministry to the synagogues of the Jews. He was able to preach in those places, but many times He preached outside the religious meeting places, by the lake or from a hilltop where people gathered to hear Him. I used to desire intensely to preach in the open air and do the works of Jesus, and for a while there I was doing something like this, in Romania actually. We used to preach in the food markets, call people to repentance and then lay hands on the sick. I tell you, many were healed in this way, and it created quite a stir.

But as time went on Romania became more sophisticated and hardened. While we preached on the streets and saw Jesus heal the sick, the Orthodox priests were on T.V. every night telling the people that anyone with a Bible who was not one of them was a kind of cultist and heretic (sectant is the Romanian word they used). They told people that it was the unforgivable sin to change your religion. The common people of Romania are biblically illiterate, and trust their priests very much. Orthodox priests believe it is not the business of the laity to understand theology, and that people’s salvation depends on them receiving the sacraments at THEIR hands. If the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers is correct, we had the truth – but the Orthodox priests had the media, and so they won the day, and are still winning it pretty much for their father below.

Not only were the so-called Orthodox priests on the T.V., but so was MTV and various porn channels. The streets of Romania were literally covered with cheap pornography in those days. I don’t know about now, it is more than 6 years since I’ve been in Romania now. All this, along with the growing materialism that came with a flood of western products and massive price inflation worked to destroy the opportunity for Romanian peopel to turn to the Lord en-masse. The devil got hold of the media, and kept the majority of the population in his grip, even though they were very spiritually hungry in the early 1990s after suffering decades of abuse under totalitarian communist rule.

People are influenced a lot by what is in the media, especially T.V. If we fail to take a slice of the media, we will have to be content as evangelical believers to be a tiny and eventually persecuted and misunderstood minority. The Bible however, says that all authority in heaven and on earth was given to Jesus Christ. Now, is TV in heaven or on earth? If it is, then all authority over T.V. has been given to Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ told us to preach to everyone and make disciples (teach and train people). So then, if we submit to Jesus Christ, and can hear what the Spirit of God is saying to the people of God, it follows that we will take dominion over the media as the Lord leads and communicate things in the power of the Spirit of God.

If you don’t like some of the television evangelists out there, all I can say is – what are you doing to ensure that preachers you DO like are reaching out through the media? A lady once told the 19th century evangelist D.L. Moody that she didn’t like the way he did evangelism. He asked her how she did it. She said that she didn’t. Moody replied, “Well I prefer the way I am doing it to the way you are not doing it.” Too often we have thought that TV ministry is out of reach for us – that it requires megabucks to get started. This is a misconception that I for one will work to dismantle. In these days, you can get on TV and reach thousands of people for as little as $100, including production costs.

By the grace of God I am going to post some articles showing why this is Biblically so important and we will see where the Lord takes it from there.

What do YOU think?


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  1. Pastor Lupe says:

    Thank you Michael for all you do in the kingdom of God. A few years ago I asked you for permission to use some of your material in our bible institute, I still use it and again …. thanks!

    A note for Anthony: sounds like God has you in the right place. Saudi Arabia is your harvest field. Winning the lost in your own neighborhood is vital so start knocking on doors.

    pastor lupe

  2. If you don’t believe that we should use inventions of men to spread the gospel, then I suggest you review whether you should use the internet, a microphone or even a ball-point pen. All these are inventions of men.

    Gutenberg I think it was invented the printing press and it facilitated the spread of the Word of God and helped the church move out of the dark ages.

    More people are won to the Lord in Saudi Arabia through Satellite TV than any other method. If you believe strictly in preaching it flesh and blood in Saudi, tell us how it goes – I believe you will not last too long in the country.

    The Word of God can be taught as well as preached through books, tapes and audio-visual media. I never met Derek Prince in person but his audio tapes and books changed my life.

    There is nothing unholy about technology. What is unholy is when we let the devil be the only one who uses it. Satan has produced great sinners by means of the media, is God unable or unwilling to produce great saints by means of the media? This is not to say that we do not need to gather together in local churches. But sometimes local churches are cold and far from God. We cannot restrict God to a box.

  3. Saints,

    Peace be to you all !

    The Eternal One is ever existing.

    HE is !

    Much before the inventions of men. All inventions !

    Yet, this ETERNAL GOD spoke to His people through HIS prophets,
    obedient men, Holy men that separated themselves for GOD, the men of GOD.

    GOD could have ” F L A S H E D ” the GOOD NEWS all across the sky for all men to see and believe. HE did not do this. The GOSPEL is to be preached Etc. through men who are willing to go out there in the HARVEST
    which is ready.

    Physically travel to the parts of the World as the Spirit of GOD leads them.

    Joyfully share the love of GOD in CHRIST as ambassadors of CHRIST, willingly and rejoicingly. This is pleasing to GOD. Every persecution and discrimination is received with thanks-giving to do the will of GOD. Saints, delight in doing this now, for you may not have such opportuniy in future.

    Preaching the Gospel through the modern inventions will produce only Christians and NOT SAINTS. Saints, that are CHRIST LIKE and that are CHRIST MINDED.

    These Christians will be on the list of several Christian Organisations, Christian Institutes, Christian Ministries, Etc. but they are NOT A PART OF THE BODY OF CHRIST – CHURCH.

    They do not build themselves up as living stones in to a spiritual house whose cornerstone is Jesus Christ. They have no spiritual sacrifices to offer to GOD which are acceptable to HIM through His Son. In fact, these do not know what are these “SPIRITUAL SACRIFICES”.

    The Spirit of GOD abides in the BODY of the Saint who has his being in Christ Jesus and so is not condemned. This Saint when preaches in person (flesh and blood) and under the influence of the Holy Spirit boldly
    and wisely is pleasing to GOD. Being present geographically is of great importance. God has always sent HIS men personally with HIS message to the TARGET country.

    Sitting in the studio, how does the speaker know the FORCES of DARKNESS that he is contending with in the TARGET AREA for the Glorious Gospel ?

    I write this reply from Saudi Arabia. People here are against the Gospel.

    Let all those that are in Christ Jesus be moved to go out there inspired by HIS SPIRIT, who leads them to share Jesus Christ, as their will remain crucified on the cross and then they are MORE THEN CONQUERORS.

    Glory to GOD !


  4. Very enlightning and helps motivate the direction of my prayers

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