Why put your trust in a horoscope?

I have been a christian for over 20 years.I came out of Black majic,psychics powers and the occult and every where I go when I meet people or I speak some where it just amazes me how many christians put their trust in their horoscope or put their trust in a psychic.I am new to this sight but I am just wondering if any one else sees this also.My dear friend is a professor at Oral Roberts University,and he speaks world wide about false religions because he came out of mormonism when he was in his 20s.But he is amazed also by how many people believe really bizzare things about God.I am so hurt by what people believe at times.God is so loving,awesome and caring but Satan we know wants to decieve thousands in to believing lies about God.So please before you believe something really investigate it ok.Thanks Tim

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