Why Do So Many People Believe In God?

In view of the great suffering that exists in humanity, in view of the vastness of empty space in the Cosmos, and the apparently huge time periods that the Universe seems to have existed without life, it is remarkable that anyone believes in God. Why then do we find believers in God all over the world? And why does the message of Christianity seem to gain traction so easily in some places?

If we were just biological machines that developed for no reason, with no guiding intelligence, and there was no God, I doubt that any of us would believe in a spiritual world, far less in an AWESOME SPIRITUAL POWER that as well as being potentially terrifying was also the ULTIMATE LAWGIVER and JUDGE.  I don’t think it is reasonable to think that unguided biological machines are going to come up with beliefs in something they cannot see which is potentially so terrifying and uncomfortable to consider.

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