Why Cant We All Just Get Along?

I know its satan I can see its satan, but why cant my husband and I just get along when we are alone? I married him and became wife and full time mom to two beautiful children who were then 3 and 6. I thought my “motherly instinct” would kick in 100%, but I found out there are some things that you have to just learn by trial and error. One of the kids (the oldest) has issues about the break up of his mom and dad and has witnessed the arguments and my husband telling his mom to leave. My husbands mother then took the role of mother and over compensated for him not having a mom and has spoiled him rotten (literally).

The mother has started getting the boys her allotted time and now when my husband and I are alone we nit pick and argue CONSTANTLY and usually it ends up with one of us getting really mad at the other. Its not SO bad during the week because of the kids but when we are alone it is more evident.

This weekend I will say was unusally ok. We actually had a nice time Saturday and even though Sunday started off rocky, it ended up being a nice day for us. That night we went to bed promising we would try harder to NOT find things to argue about.

Its so much going on right now I sometimes feel overwhelmed and stressed.. I am ready for my husband and I to see that we are on the same side and are fighting for the same cause. I suppose this will come in time?

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