Who is Jesus Christ – by Lucy Parker

Jesus is the most amazing perfect person who ever walked this earth. He did so because of compassion and humility around 2000 years ago. He only lived for 33 years here but made the greatest impact of any man who ever lived. He was born from above even from birth as he is the only one born by the Spirit of God hovering over a virgin chosen even perhaps before the prophet Isaiah's time. For before the foundation of the earth and the creation all Gods works were finished and seen known and understood by him. He furnishes his marvels in the sight of the rebellious one that fallen angel become serpent full of whiles and lies and death. God wanted Isaiah to ask for any sign but the prophet did not want to tempt God. Jesus was, is and is to be the only begotten son of God himself who is an eternal all powerful Spirit of power, purity, and perfection. Because of Jesus becoming fully human and humbling himself even to suffer death, though death could not hold him for no corruption is found in him: Many more even multitudes are freed from death because of his overcoming of the traps the fallen serpent wanted to trip up the humans with. But how that evil ones plans are thwarted at every turn. Jesus died was buried and rose from the dead and now sits on the right hand of God in heaven. Those who obey him are seated alongside in some place there with all the living from all generations and become part of enjoying the everlasting and abundant life Jesus attained. Jesus is the head of the church, the first born among many sons meaning he desires us all to grow and attain the fullness he himself attained. To do this the body of Christ on earth comprehends and apprehends this by loving every member within their power. Instructions have been given by the disciples who walked with him which is the New Testament bible we can all read or hear. They are the first apostles and we build on that foundation with Jesus being the chief cornerstone. We are lively stones built a little like Nehemiah s Jerusalem walls in his time. We are responsible as modern day disciples to make other disciples and do our part to finish the heavenly plan and the heavenly temple which is people. Heaven is big enough to contain all people from all generations and it is possible they could all make it because righteous standing before God is all found with in JESUS. It is the name above all names, far above all principality power might and dominion and is the name of the one to whom all in heaven and earth and sea will bow the knee to confess HE IS LORD! He sets up an everlasting kingdom instructing mankind in the way in which he should go working throughout the ages with chosen faithful servants of his choosing. Jesus weeps when people turn away from so great a salvation. He desires none to perish. He fills all in all and knows all. He understands grief, pain, sorrow and loss. Surprisingly he was rejected despised and forsaken at times of great need as happens at times to his faithful followers. He is he who was alive and died but is alive again. The Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end to whom innumerable angels obey in precision his every command. Heaven earth and sea and all things therein are held together by his word. In the beginning was the word. I think nothing can separate us (those who seek his face) from his love because he is love. His mercy endures forever. To show mercy… his judgment must be. He has no pleasure in anyone dying. He returns for those who have made him in their hearts their life, love, hope. He supersedes any circumstance and is able to sustain miraculously those who place their trust in him. He knows those who love him and those who don't. He hears a whisper. But as for me… I can safely say without a doubt without his interventions in my life I would be dead. Well it is ridiculous really, I would not exist. I would not know the joy of his comfort and security I would not know the fragrances of delicious home cooked food or pine forests or the refreshing sounds of running water in a waterfall or even a small fountain. I would not know the briskness of the cold chilly morning with ice all around or the strong wind or gentle breeze, the joyous simplicity of ice-cream on a hot summer’s day. There was a time for me I felt it was his loving gentle hand that blew a breeze simply for me to stroke my cheek which seemed to remove all pain from my motionless body. I've seen torrential rains, and flown above clouds in an airplane, I have felt how it is to not see a loved one again. I have heard exquisite music, experienced rest after hard work, held a new born baby that lit the room upon first breath, watched animals of all types with unusual behaviors. All these marvels and more Jesus had something to do with their being and me being. I love Jesus because he first loved me. Without him I could not exist and that is final. It would be too much to bear to consider such a thing as without him. Every day I prepare myself and equip myself for my day when I like a racehorse shall see the barrier gates burst forth for my freedom to run. I shall run and pick up every creature before me to lift to that place of knowing him. I used to be where they are but never again. May all he calls come fully to dine with Jesus King of Kings, Lord of Lords and Almighty God, Everlasting Father for he who sees him sees the Father.

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