Which Way Lord? – A Book by Dr Chandrakumar

This book is copyright by Dr Chandrakumar Manickam. It is reproduced here by permission.

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1) Practicing The Lordship Of Christ
2) Finding God’s Will
i) Why Is It Important To Know God’s Will ?
ii) How To Find God’s Will ?
3) God’s Will In Marriage
4) God’s View Of Marriage
i) Marriage is Desired by God
ii) Marriage is Designed by God
5) How To Choose Your Life Partner ?
6) How To Know God’s Call For Ministry ?
i) Call To Live A Holy Life
ii) Call To Be His Effective Witnesses
iii) Call To Full -Time Christian Service
7) Decision Making
8) Not Tomorrow But Today
9) Seeing The Unseen
i) Faith is Seeing The Unseen
ii) Faith is Believing God Inspite of Circumstances
iii) Faith is Obeying God Regardless of Consequences
10) While It Was Still Dark
11) Fear Is Nothing More Than Faith In Devil
i) What is Fear ?
ii) The Nature and Effects of Fear
iii) Practical Steps to Overcome Fear
12) The Failure Behind Our Failures
i) What is Failure ?
ii) Why Do We Fail ?
13) The Battle is His Victory is Mine
i) The Hindrances
ii) David’s Six Weapons of Warfare
14) Salt And Sunshine
i) Qualities of Salt
ii) Three Rays of Light

15) Faith With Obedience Brings Healing

16) Grace To Forgive Power To Heal

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