Which Came First – the Chicken or the Abortion?

I’ve been babysitting a pair of chickens the last couple of weeks. The hen has been sitting on a nest of five eggs that she laid. Basically she never leaves the nest. I put the food into the box where she dwells, to make sure she eats. I’m pretty sure her eggs are not going to hatch, but that little bantam hen just keeps sacrificing her time and comfort to warm those eggs with her little body in the hopes of achieving motherhood.  The maternal instinct is one of the strongest we know of.

Then I leave the henhouse behind and surf the Internet to find that fifty-five million babies have been aborted in the U.S. alone. It’s hard for me to reconcile the difference between a dumb chicken that will sacrifice its very life to reproduce with the opposite type of mentality in human beings. Most people who support abortion believe in evolution. Do they believe that humans have now evolved beyond the maternal instincts that allow a species to persist? I think more and more Christians are coming to a place where they realize they must not be silent any longer on this issue. I am one of them. It’s inconceivable that people who fight to save the whales and spotted owls, lobby to have their government condone and even pay for throwing miniature humans into the trash bag.

How bad has this gotten? Here’s a story of an abortion patient who delivered a healthy baby. Do you suppose she got a message from God that this baby was supposed to see the light of day?  Nah. She’s suing the doctor because he messed up.


I’m trying to figure out where that button is for overriding the inbuilt maternal instinct. Seems like a lot of people have had their button pushed. I’m certainly not advocating bringing back the scarlet A to sew onto the designer clothes of abortion participants, but I have to consider that fear of embarrassment and ostracism by human beings seems to be a stronger motivating source than fear of God. What a sad commentary.

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