Where is the True Church of God today?

I would like to ask and know the concept of what does it mean by the word Church of God in Christianity? Does it represent material Church made up of bricks, decorated with lifeless things or something else? Also where is today the True Church of God in this world? What does it mean when it is said that a born again in Christ should belong to a Church? After all which Church did Christ loved so much that He gave himself for it? Did he tell us to built up a Church so that on the last Judgement day He will come to take it with Him? And if you say we are the Church of God, then how much are we prepared for His arrival?

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  1. carolyntormala says:

    I don’t think the name on the building is that important. We can be united in spirit in spite of the name of the denomination. But I will admit, very sadly, that denominations have been very divisive for the most part and many denominations even go so far as to think they are the only Christians–others are dead faith. But it is the Spirit that brings life, so if we are united in Spirit regardless of the name of our denomination, we are “one”. I do think this is the heart of Jesus’ prayer for his disciples, that we all be “one” even as he and his Father are one.

  2. If we are the living Church of God. Then why we had divided ourselves ( the bride) calling by the name Catholic, Baptist, Pentecost and by many other name. Had Jesus told us to divide His Bride into many parts or did He wanted to receive it in Unity? Had either Jesus Christ or His Apostles preached that the House of God should be divided? Unity is the soul of Church (called it either Bride that is we the living Church). Destroy it, and you rip the heart out of Christ body. Or did Christ want us to be one in fellowship with Him, without distinction? Don’t you think that today the Bride has not only the spot and wrinkles of old age where her spirit had already slept but also each of her body parts are cut off frim her? Should not we first rejoin what is divided and also awaken the spirit of the Bride so that she is as youthful as never before preparing herself for her bridegroom?

  3. carolyntormala says:

    I forgot to say: the Bible tells us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. So even though you can be a Christian without going to church, the Bible tells us that we need one another and we should build each other up. So if you don’t go to church, it should be for only a short time before you find a good Bible preaching and believing group to become a part of.

  4. carolyntormala says:

    The church is also called the bride of Christ and the body of Christ. We are also referred to as a temple made of living stones(Christians). The Church is not a physical building, but it is made up of all the saved from the time of Christ to the time He comes for us (his bride). We are to be ready at all times and we are to be occupied with the Father’s business which means winning souls, making disciples, loving and caring for others, especially those in need and especially for fellow believers. Christ died for us, the church, and he is coming for a bride made white, clean, and ready. I recently heard from a Christian author that our three duties are not to try to figure out when Jesus will return, but to live lives of holiness, to make an impact on society by being salt and light, and by having compassion on those in need.

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