Where is the Harlot Church today?

The book of Revelation chapter 17 makes it clear that there is a Great Harlot (Prostitute) with whom all the kings of the earth commit fornication.

Rev 17:1 Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and talked with me, saying to me, “Come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters,
Rev 17:2 with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication.”

Waters here represent peoples. This Great Harlot sits upon many waters – meaning it is an international thing, not confined to one nation.

The word “harlot” or “prostitute” tells us something else – it is MONEY DRIVEN. Harlots offer sexual favors for money, they are motivated by money. Money is what buys worldly influence and worldly resources. Expect the Great Harlot to have plenty of worldly influence and worldly resources.

If your church is MONEY DRIVEN, MONEY FOCUSSED, it is in harmony with one of the major principles of any harlot, and could well be on the way to being part of the Great Harlot, if it is not already.

The kings of the earth commit fornication with this Great Harlot. Kings represent political power. So where there is an alliance of otherwise ungodly kings/presidents/prime ministers with religious institutions, you are probably looking at a manifestation of the Great Harlot.

I have noticed that a number of streams in the Pentecostal/Evangelical church are seeking more and more political influence and favor with kings and rulers. That is fine if you do it in real submission to God and His Word. Its dangerous ground as soon as you are willing to compromise any godly principles in order to obtain the favor of men. God knows who has and who has not crossed the line here.

The Roman Catholic church has been married to political power for most of its existence. At one stage the Kings of Europe believed they could not enter the Kingdom of Heaven without pleasing the Pope, so the pope in that time exercised incredible authority.

The Orthodox church usually submits to the national political leadership of a state and in return seeks preferred status from them, and the right to persecute people of all other religious convictions if possible.

All these things are evidence of religious harlotry and spiritual fornication. Our trust should be in God, and Jesus said “My kingdom is not of this world”. That means that the kingdom of God is not about political rulership.

Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would fight, so that I should not be delivered to the Jews; but now My kingdom is not from here.” (John 18:36)

Evangelicals who have allied themselves with U.S. President George W. Bush seem to have forgotten that the Kingdom of God is not of this world. The Kingdom of God is not implemented with bombs, guns, tanks, depleted uranium, waterboarding, secret renditions to torture chambers, economic sanctions which hurt the poor of this world, electronic surveillance, the imposition of democracy by force, the abolition of civil liberties or any such things. The attempts of men to force others to conform to political ideologies, however well meaning these attempts may be, are misguided, because “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal”. The real fight we have is against the EVIL SPIRITS that are controlling the way people think and feel, and it is only through the power of prayer, proclamation and demonstration of the truth that these spirits are defeated.

To continue from the Scriptures:

Rev 17:6 I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And when I saw her, I marveled with great amazement.

This great harlot is a mystery. It is referred to as Babylon the Great. It is hard to pin down exactly what this spiritual power is, and Isaiah 47 which talks about this spiritual power says that this “virgin daughter of Babylon” boasts that “no one sees me”.

It is clear though that apart from being money driven, this Babylonian harlot spirit is behind the murder of true disciples of Jesus. The Babylonian spirit is irritated by those who steadfastly refuse to succumb to its seductions, and ultimately seeks to kill those it cannot control. In the same way Harlot church leaders seek to destroy any godly ministry they cannot control. They are like Cain who killed his righteous brother Abel. Cain was very religious, and worked hard at his religion, offering sacrifices of the fruit of the earth that God had cursed. But God is not pleased with religion that originates in the imagination of man, even though it may have since been passed down from generation to generation. He wants us to worship Him in spirit and in truth. It is the Holy Spirit who guides us into truth, and we must realise that not every spirit that can make us feel good is the Holy Spirit.

The Harlot Church leads people into involvement with the practices of mystery religions. Its interesting that many church leaders are now recommending such practices as yoga, centering prayers, walking through labyrinths, the emptying of the mind in meditation and more. All sorts of people are succumbing to the deception that the spiritual experiences coming from various unbiblical contemplative practices are actually from God. What is happening is that people are flirting with evil spirits without knowing it – spirits that masquerade as the Holy Spirit but ultimately speak lies and deception.

Even as Christ builds his church so satan is building the harlot church. The Bible predicts a great falling away in the Last Days, and to my mind there is evidence that this is already well underway.

What do YOU think?


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  1. A few years ago, the Holy Spirit began to pull me back to the Father wholly and away from the ‘mix’ I had gotten involved in for several years prior. Although I was truly born again way back in 1978 and experienced wonderful, healing times with the Lord and lived it totally, I became deeply wounded over and over again to the point, I just could not stand being involved in the standard churches out there…I loved God but I did not love nor trust alot of “His” people.
    I call it, “DEATH BY A MILLION PAPER CUTS” in the Body of Christ…

    I say all that to let you know how I ended up getting involved in Hinduism and being seduced by it…many are there out there running away from the ‘cuss & cut’ christians and left to fend for themselves. God will bring them into account one day…

    While returning to the Father, I attended a outdoor church in southwest florida…I liked it but hated it too because the teaching was very shallow…very “presbyterian”…little more than a seeker-friendly church…and yet it was the only place I felt remotely ‘safe’ from those in the Body who were mostly religious but who had little actual connection with the living God.
    There was a woman who embodied how Jezebel is alive and well in the church…she came from another town because of the money that lived in my town..more millionaires per capita than just about any other town in america…she was after money, pure and simple…she created a ministry for children even though she told me to my face she couldn’t stand children and had no interest in actually helping people but people will help a ministry for children more than anything else.
    This woman used actual witchcraft techniques to seduce the wealthy men in the church and socially. She hand picked people to be her assistants, paying them 10% of all they brought into her for ‘the children’…
    She lived free out of a 6 million dollar house on the bay and out of the money collected for ‘the children’ she bought designer clothes, got regular beauty treatments, paid all her personal needs and utilities and took care of her unmarried daughter who had two children out of wedlock. She also went nightly out to eat at local lounges to meet more prospective wealthy men to seduce into giving to her charity for ‘the children’…
    Because she was very attractive, this strategy worked like a charm. It was as if no one but me could discern who and what she was doing…as if they were under some sort of trance and like drones they worked hard for her…
    Witchcraft is definitely in church…and anyone involved in any degree with New Age is deceived…Jesus came to set the captives free! Jesus does not need any mantras, incense, techniques or Yoga…only turning your whole self and body over to the Lord Jesus will protect you from the level of deceptions out there…come home now!

  2. well micheal keep up the good work its awesome that theres still people like you out there with the truth may god bless you and keep you pure and holy until the very end when you reach HEAVEN!!!!!!

  3. Yes! we are to do the will of God and not will of man.Without fear of what Government can do as did Elijah. We are to seek KINGDOM OF GOD first,then all others will be added unto us.Some Ministers of God have even entered into contention for FAME instead of fighting GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH!That is good grief! We are salt and light to the world. We are to seek this fame “Faithful Servant of God,Ambassador of Kingdom of God!”
    I would recommend Pastor James sermon “Actor or Ambassador” from His site linked from my blog below! at section of FREELY YE GIVEN FREELY GIVE
    God get all glory honor and power and the Devil? get nothing but destruction to his whole Kingdom.

    By his stripes we were healed

  4. I know of a Pastor who had a spiritual experience in which he claims to have been shown many things in heaven. He said he was told in the vision that he had been ‘stealing’ from God’s people.

    What is interesting is that the Pastor had not been swindling church funds. He had been urging his members to join his multi-level, network-marketing business; plus he may have labored the point quite a bit in many of his church-offering speeches – and yet, he was told by heaven that he had been ‘stealing’ from God’s people.

    The Pastor was quite humbled by the experience. He said publicly, “I feel like I never want to take-up another offering again.” His confessions sparked a spontaneous revival in the church.

    Where are the servants of God who, like Elisha the prophet, sometimes refuse an offering! “As the LORD liveth, before whom I stand, I will receive none”; “Is it a time to receive money, and to receive garments, and oliveyards, and vineyards, and sheep, and oxen, and menservants, and maidservants?” “And he urged him to take it; but he refused.”

    On Judgment Day it seems we will be accountable not just for how we spend money, but also for why we accepted an offering in the first place.

  5. I know of another Pastor who felt that collecting offerings was taking-up too much valuable time during his Sunday church services.

    So he decided to build two offering slots into the front entrances of the building, one with the inscription “tithes and offerings”, the other, “missions”. And from that time on, the church altogether ceased collecting offerings as part of their Sunday services. No more long offering speeches – members simply placed their offering at will, as they entered or exited the building.

    Amazingly, the weekly offerings – both the tithes and offerings and the missions offerings – straightaway nearly doubled. And an elder of the church informed me that both offerings have been sustained at that new, higher level ever since.

    It was quite a risk, for a church with a large budget. But God is blessing the church. An added advantage is that now, first-time visitors to the church are not immediately confronted with those regular, long offering speeches.

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