When I was saved

I was a lost person didn’t have much a head of me in my life .. i grew up in La Miroda Cal , there is were I start doing drugs and drinking alot i did that for about 20 years of my life I was in the Hospital and my mom was there and she asked me why and i said i like it so she took my house key and walked out.. from there i had now were to go and my sister took me in i sobared up at my sisters house and stayed sobar.. Ive been sobar now for 13 years and had a lot of ups and downs in the year of 2001 i heard the gosple of jesus christ at this church called ffbc in La Habra and i excepted the Lord in my hart and dont regret it at all its not ever day a man dies for you and promies you eternal life as long as you except him in your hart and try to do right in his way i love my Lord to day and would die for my Lord why because he died for me .. well that is what Ive done from the beging to know more to come thanks for excepting me

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