Whatever is of evil, God turns it into good …

This may sound silly but as I was driving just now, I was thinking would it be possible for the fallen angels to turn their hearts and souls towards God. Would God give them another chance and forgive them?

From the bible, it says the devil are the followers of Lucifer and they are the fallen angels. I do not know what have they done that they fell so badly. I assume, they too were once God’s creation since God made the world and everything else.

God created human and we sin against him. He sent His one and only Son to die on the cross for us, washes our sins away the moment the previous blood of Jesus Christ flows on earth. If the blood were to wash away sins and break curses – would God offer the same to the fallen angel?

What if the fallen angels were to be given another chance to serve the Lord?
What if the blood of Jesus Christ washes away their sins and breaks their bondage curse if they were to repent?
Would they be able to help spread the gospel?

I remember my cell leader once told us, do not pray for yourself only. Pray higher. I was thinking, instead of praying for my local community, what type of prayer can I pray for the human race and I had this silly thought about the possibility of Lucifer’s armies changing towards God’s armies.

I am new here and I hope this post does not offend you. If it does, I am sorry.

What do YOU think?



  1. childofjesus says:

    Hi there!!
    I would say “Don’t have any concern for these fallen angels..Don’t pity them..Our God is a Righteous & Just God..If He drove them away, it means they(fallen angels) have done something abominable..You don’t have to think what they(fallen angels) did to deserve such a punishment!!..Trust in His equation..To balance this equation He gave His only begotten Son Jesus to die for our sins.. Trust His Justice done to the fallen angels!!

    In Christ

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      the fallen angels saw and understood the kingdom of heaven,they saw God ,their knowledge was not of faith but of sight,therefore they have no chance of repentance. we are saved by faith,not by sight, once you know all of the knowledge of God, and decide to go against his ways then repentance is lost. they can only be sorry they didnot believe he would destroy them.so by sinning to his face,sealed their destuction.(basicly the unpardenable sin.)if satan can convince them to turn,without faith and trust in God,we would easily be decieved by satan also.

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