What Love is This? Dave Hunt exposes Calvinism

Dave Hunt talks about why he even got into this controversy concerning Calvinism.

"People say that Calvinism is pure Christianity in its clearest and purest expression." they wrote to him. John Piper wrote saying that the " 'Doctrines of Grace' [that is the TULIP doctrines] are the warp of woof of the biblical gospel cherished by so many saints for centuries." So many say that Calvinism IS the gospel, and the apostles preached it. (Reminds me of how some 'Orthodox' in Romania say that the Romanians were Christians before the time of Christ!

Dave Hunt talks about what Calvinism is, the way Calvinism was state enforced in England, how Calvinists persecuted first Baptists, and begins to talk ab the 5 points of Calvinism – that they are UNABLE to respond to or believe the gospel unless they are first regenerated by God.

Here he mentions that Calvinism was derived from Augustine. Calvin quoted Augustine over 400 times.  The Calvinist Spurgeon acknowledged this.


Calvin wrote that he was so wholly with Augustine that he could write a confession of his faith out of the writings of Augustine. This is the Roman Catholic bishop who prayed to Mary, remember. R.C. Sproul says that Augustinianism is presently called Calvinism, or Reformed Theology.  Augustine said, "I should not believe the gospel, except moved to do so by the authority of the church". John Piper says, "Paradoxically, one of the most esteemed fathers of the Roman Catholic church gave us the Reformation".

He points out here that Anabaptists were persecuted to the death not only by Catholics, but by Lutherans and Calvinists. John Calvin believed that infant baptism was extremely important and that if you had it, it was the surest sign that you were one of the elect.


Augustine was called the Father of the Inquisition. Augustine was a Constantinian. Constantine was a pagan, who gave Christians freedom to help unite the empire. Constantine found Christians were divided, so he called the Council of Nicaea and he imposed rules on them.

Augustine was the man who was in favour of killing the Donatists. The Donatists were those who said that the bishops and others who had renounced Christ under the persecution of the Emporer Diocletian could not be accepted as bishops any more – they had to repent and be rebaptized. The Donatists wanted a pure church, but Augustine wanted everyone in the church. This Augustine is the guy whose thought is at the root of much of Lutheranism and Calvinism. Remember that Luther was an Augustinian monk.


John Calvin in Geneva flogged people and burned more than 60 peopel at the stake for various violations. Just like his spiritual father, Augustine, who supported killing the Donatists. Calvin tortured, flogged and banished those who would not agree with his views. Calvin was into forcing people to believe, just like the muslims are today. Not surprising because Calvin taught that God forces people to change against their will by means of "irresistable grace". What kind of love is this?

Part 6 – Is God predestining people to damnation while he calls upon them to repent and reason with Him that they may be saved?


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  1. What is interesting about Calvinism is that they will say God is sovereign in all things in a christian’s life. This is not true for they believe you can sin and most of them believe one can’t help but sin. So much for the overcoming power of God. It’s like he is strong enough to help you overcome and sometimes he is not. This is why many live carnally.
    A full 5 point Reformed Catholic like the ones mentioned above believe that only the elect are predestined. There is no where in scripture that says any human being was predestined to go to hell. The bible does say that the plan of salvation was predestined and in Romans 8:29 which they use as their mantra for the elect individual being saved by his choice because he foreknew etc. really has nothing to do with that to prove eternal security. In verse 28 he is talking to people who were christians; who are The Called. So this predestination was for those who were and already saved to be conformed to the image of Christ, This deals with sanctification of a Christian and not his choice to choose Christ or Christ to choose him. This is the context and if people will understand this there shouldn’t be any confusion.
    One last thing; there is no covenant that deals with man’s soul that is not conditioned by obedience. If this were true we would be nothing more than a bunch of robots.
    God bless! Jerry Kelso

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