What is Inner Healing?

You may have heard of the term “inner healing”. This term means different things to different people. The term “healing” is biblical but the term “inner healing” is nowhere found in the Bible. So when someone proposes ministering “inner healing” to you I suggest you first find out what they mean by “inner healing” and what methods they propose to us in order to do this ministry. Not all methods that people use are biblical. Some techniques that people use are rooted more in secular psychology, mysticism or even the occult. We should flee from the occult, be wary of mysticism and in many cases distrust the worldly wisdom of secular psychology – although I would have to say that some non-Christian psychologists can offer useful insights to Christians who are not thinking in good ways.

The “inner healing” ministry that we should be willing to embrace is the one where “inner healing” really mean the sanctification and transformation of the inner life through the cross and the resurrection life of Jesus Christ. People can be helped through prayer counselling where they are encouraged to do the following things:

1. Confess their sins as the Holy Spirit leads, recent ones as well as ones committed many years ago.

2. Repent or turn from their sins.

3. Forgive the ones who have wronged them.

4. Allow the cross to do its work in their lives to deliver them from the power of sin. People must reckon themselves dead to sin and alive to God in order to break free of sin’s power. They must believe that their sins and sinful nature were dealt with at the cross of Christ, that Jesus took it for them, so they can go on to live in the freedom of God’s Spirit. The book of Romans chapter 6 is very important in this regard.

In response to this self humbling and facing of the truth, God will work by His Spirit and bring cleansing and a transformation in the life of the person receiving ministry. Often, a beautiful emotional healing is the result.

The more we learn to put off the old nature, the more the life of Jesus can shine through us. This is a big part of God’s purpose for our lives.

What do YOU think?


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  1. These3Remain says:

    Warrior Daughter is correct in so many ways. Unfortunately , many “inner healing” ministries are occultic and use New Age mysticisim- which is what I think Warrior Daugher was objecting to. Many teach the false teaching about “generational sin” – based on a few Old Testament verses taken out of context. As we all know, good Bible hermeneutics (understanding and applying the Bible) tells us that context is king and we need to determine who it is God is speaking to, what He is addressing and whether or not there is universal application that is supported by the FULL counsel of Scripture. Either everything was dealt with at the cross or else it is Jesus plus something else. I think the term “inner healing prayer” is misleading to begin with – and I don’t see a Biblical basis for it. We need to be very careful about extra-Biblical teaching, the Bible tells us to reprove everything in light of God’s Word. So basically, if it’s not in there, don’t put it in there. Once we’ve accepted Christ, we continue to grow in the sanctification process as we apply God’s Word to our lives. Repentance has always been part of the sanctification process and always will be throughout our earthly existence – THAT is how sin is dealt with in the believer’s life. Forgiveness of others is also part of the sanctification process. There are some people/events that we may not be ready yet to forgive when we first come to Christ. But through the application of God’s Word to our lives, we do receive healing and get to a place where the Holy Spirit may prompt us about forgiving someone that we just haven’t yet. If you want to call that “inner healing” , go ahead but it’s not something that someone else needs to “teach” you to do. It is the work of the Holy Spirit, not some “formula” that man comes up with. There is no example of that in God’s Word. Yet many people were healed and sanctified because of the finished work of Christ.

  2. Warrior daughter,

    1) That is a dumb “argument”. Jesus came to heal the sick, and brokenhearted. Consider the fact that so many people in and outside the church are carrying so much hurt from other people’s sin, or their own. Jesus invites us to stop looking at our pain and anger, let down our prideful walls, and to look to him, SO THAT we may be healed. Jesus is glorified in our lives, when we take him at his word and LET HIM heal us.

    2) COMPLETELY FALSE. I don’t know where you get this idea from but it’s not from the Bible. Jesus healed the crippled, the blind and the sick. They didn’t become believers and then Jesus said “Awesome you believe in me. Now I will leave you broken.” We do not serve a heartless God!

    3) You misunderstand the whole concept of inner healing. All things CAN pass away BECAUSE of Jesus’ ministry of inner healing.

    4) THere are some things God will heal here on earth, and there are some things that he may not.. but you won’t know until you present those things to him and petition… remember the parable of the persistent widow.

    5) Again you misunderstand the concept… Forgievness is a huge component of inner healing, it’s unspoken, unforgiven sin that causes so much emotional pain.

    6) Again, this doesn’t contradiction the notions of Jesus’ healing of the inner man.

    You may want to read Leanne Payne’s “Restoring the Christian Soul”. It is an amazing book and through it Christ has been able to heal me of so much. I give Him the glory.

    • warrior daughter says:

      Not once did I say Jesus did not come to heal but the healing is a process and the focus must be on Jesus and not me…

      • …then you shouldn’t have a problem with inner healing, because what you just described above is inner healing.

    • wscheung, Beginning a reply with “That is a dumb ‘argument'” is hardly a way to discuss something. You lose all credibility of writing in the spirit of Love and it loses your point before you make it.

      Blessings and Peace,

  3. warrior daughter says:

    Here are several problems I have with inner healing…

    1…The focus is on me and not on God….

    2…God works in a person’s life and usually does not take care of the hurts of the person that occured before salvation …It is a process so one learns to leans more fully on God and this leaning causes spiritual growth of the believer….

    3…Inner healing seems to forget that the person is a new creation and all things have passed away…

    4….Inner healing also seems to forget that these past experiences were meant to destroy the person but God will use them for His glory…. His glory is what is important….

    5….Forgiveness must out weigh the need for inner healing….Without forgiveness the person stays in that rut and will continue to seek inner healing…..

    6…It is God who has began a great work in the person and we must allow God to bring it to completion and not interupt His process…….

    • Warrior Daughter, There is much foolishness and occultism that comes in the name of inner healing, but I do not believe you are accurate in what you are saying.

      1. The focus can be on God and one’s sin in relation to God. How can I confess my hidden sin if I refuse to examine myself and judge myself lest I be judged?

      2. To say “God’s work in a person’s life usually does not take care of the hurts that occured before salvation” makes salvation meaningless. I am whole. My past affects my present, and as I repent for how I mishandled the past and those who hurt me, there is release. Before my wife was healed of severe chemical sensitivities and EMF sensitivity, the Lord began a work by having her forgive those who wounded her. This was without a person leading her. She had simply been anointed with oil and hours later the Lord spoke audibly to her and she knew what to address.

      3. The person is a new creation, but if your sickness is still with you, evidently it has not passed away, has it? If I am still wearing the penalty of sin in my flesh, perhaps I need to see if I am still wearing sin in my heart.

      Sister, I will freely admit that I am not aware of the process to which you are referring to as ‘inner healing’. You seem to be tracking off someone’s formula, but the concept of inner healing seems broader than the specific formula you are referring to. Can you give an example of specific practices in the formula you are against?

      I know people who are so focused on themselves being healed that they cannot see God. The process of repentance and forgiveness is powerful from a right heart and destructive when a person chooses to become the focal point as you warn against and take their eyes off the Lord. Then it is like they have become a black hole of introspection and all light gets sucked into their sinful void of self.

      I believe the concepts of inner healing are seen in the Christian walk, but that man’s theories of how to implement it may bring a formulaic approach that weak brothers and sisters may fall prey to. The church the Lord used to heal me is the same church the devil uses to trap others because they have not sanctified their hearts in ministry, but have developed and maintained a business model rather than a spiritual one.

      Blessings and Peace,

      • warrior daughter says:

        First let me apologize to anyone I may have offended from my post….I wrote from my own expierence with inner healing…When I was a new born Christian, my home had books on inner healing….These books did not help but caused me to be focused on what had happened in my past,and that caused me to I questioned why..I accepted my part in my past that caused sin but I did not release unto the Lord what others had done to me..Forgiveness was hard to come by since it involved much sin upon a child….. .When I was able to forgive others and to just rest and let the Lord work all the pains and hurts ie casting it all on the Lord Jesus for He cares for me then the healing was started, that was the beginning of what I call a process..Every person has a different way with dealing with their past and forgivenss must be top priority …

        • Warrior Daughter, Your testimony puts it all in context. Thanks for taking the time to share that. The words spoken to my wife at the beginning of her healing were, “I have already forgiven them.” The ‘them’ were involved in molestation and ignoring of it. My wife knew to repent to them for how she had responded to their sin and also forgive them. When she did this a ‘cloud’ of anger lifted from her.

          Repentance and Forgiveness are the great gifts the Lord gave to break the power of sin over us. “The wages of sin is death” “Disease is death by degrees.” is how I think of it. Neither of these two were truly possible until Christ paid the penalty for sin. Now all this can be placed on His account when we humble ourselves to do so.

          I like what you bring up in this topic sister. There is much in it that is good by way of warning. I have seen people work in fear to ‘get’ their healing. If they do not recall each evil deed done against them, they fear they cannot be healed. This is error. God judges by the heart. If I have forgiven all that I am aware of and repented likewise, I must leave it up to God and go forward in my Christian walk. We have a calling on our lives to fulfill and we cannot be as spoiled children who hold our breath until we get what we want. Thanks again for sharing. You are loved!

          Blessings and Peace,

    • Anonymous says:

      I say a big amen to Warrior daughter you said it very well and could not have said it any better myself:) God bless you sister

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