What Happened to Prayer

Has time past so long ago that news of people spending long hours in church or home in search of outpourings of the Holy Ghost? Faith has been replaced with shows of demon posessed people thrown to ground and picked back up and over and over,as if the so called man of God is playing with demons. Common sense has been tossed out the door and replaced with stupidity and babies pretending to be adult Saints of the most High. I see videos of children used in these shows,and gatherings of people,yet no alter call,no call for people to repent,no tears of joy or fear during these great feats. But ask about praying through to a supernatural experence with the Holy Ghost of God Almighty,no comments there,no testimonies there, Don’t that seem a little odd,or is it in reverse. No testimonies of encounters with God,yet tons of them with the devil. God’s evangelists get saved on monday,called to preach and cast out devils on tuesday and no one knows the difference! no wonder the bible asked the question, Will he find faith when he comes? unless the days be shortened. Has long hour prayer meeting been outlawed? If everyone who claims to be redeemed and called to preach then where is the congregation? Without prayer there is no testimony,without tarrying before the Lord,there is no healing,no one crying out to God for salvation. Despite popular belief,If God’s house is not honored,and people seeking God in fear and trembling,and throw the clock out the window,don’t expect God to be there. And in some cases,where the cell phones are ringing,and the candy is be handed to the children and they eat and drink in the sanctuary of God’s house its a good thing he is not there,other wise some may in up like anninias and saphire. The undertaker carrying them out. Where is the testimonies of deep places with God,not the devil. Where? I have news,the 15 minute prayer won’t cut it, People are quick to blame the weakness on the church,but who is the church,when the last time you saw tarrying at the alter,if they had one, the old timers called it a mourners bench,I have seen people walk the pews in the Spirit,or an old lady run around the church with a cast on her leg, People are looking for real experences with God and they listen for the hope of hearing of deep places and signs of real help,not baby christians who can not say how it feels to have the Holy Ghost slay them in the Spirit or heal their sicknesses,so people settle for what ever they can,on looking for hope.Wake up saints,put your time in,pray in your churches,make them keep the lights on past 9,the days are short and night is closing in,souls are looking for God,not a show.

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