What God has done

My sister and I was born in to an Alcoholic Family so about the age of 6 years old we were already living with other people because my parents were drinking to munch and couldnt take care of us so Welfare people took my sister and I away from my parents.We went to childrens Home. lived there for six years I always envy other children for growing up in a beautifull home with there parents. while I longed for a normal life I couldnt see the Childrens home as normal. We Lived there for six years old staying at the childrens home started reading my bible going to sunday school and services on sunday I read about Jesus and his life but I didnt know him.Soon afterwards we learnt we had an aunt she took us out of the home and we lived with her she was saved learned us all about Jesus and I was 12 and my sistern 9. The same year we Lived with our aunt I accepted Christ as my personal saviour today my sister is saved as well. Gods hand was over our lives and it is still today.My mother died the same year we lived with our aunt on mothers day. but god showed us there is a time for new beginnings in each of ou lives.Everything happens for a reason so every christian that comes from a broken past never give up. Our pain as kirk franklin says in one of his songs is preparation for our destiny.

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