what does the bible say about building a false relationship between adults for the sake of a child

my fiance’ is debating on goin to live with her ex husband due to the fact their son(9yrs old) is tired of goin back and forth…. anyone who can help ….even tho she says she dont love him in that aspect . is this not sending the wrong message to the child

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  1. I would wonder what caused the Divorce in the first place, if ye Was unFaithful and the Divorce was a result than She needs to Pray and see what direction God is sending her. My advice would be, Don’t ride a dead horse! If she is considdering going back than the Horse is not Dead, but still hAs life in it. The Child is a gift from God and the well being of that Child is important. Yet you can’t get water from a dry well. And. The Child will see that. Maybe She should let the child quit school because it is tired of school. Or no chores for you if your tired of it. This is just a fact of life for the Child, and the sOoner the child adjusts to the situation, the better. Councelling or after. School mentoring programs are helpfull especially in Churches. Family councelling with a paster helps them to understand their emotions and soMetimes these kinds of things in childhood are done to prepare the child for the future. But the best thing that can and should be done is that everyone concerned with the childs upbringing shoulD unite in a place where you can all agree on the childs upbringing and discipline issues and any questions that need to be addressed can be diScussed without fighting. The more adult you all behave , the more confident the child will be. I would ask her to Do something like this with you & her ex-husband. And even frIends of the child & family members who can help. That is the best advice I have for you but to me, trying to unite everyone who are connected to the Child is the best way to resolve the whoLe situation & proves yoUr Love for Her & the Child. I will pray for you all, in Christ Jesus,Annette

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