what do you think about ABORTION

I belive that Abortion is sin and deliberately killing it would be just as wrong as killing any other innocent human being.
Death of unborn is equal life for life (Ex 21:22-25) As unborn baby is a human being but due to Health effects of the pregnant mother which brings to her mortal risk e.t.c what do you think about ABORTION??
God bless you

What do YOU think?



  1. michael says:

    The genetic code for the child is established at conception, and God is forming the child according to Psalm 139 in its mother’s womb. After a few weeks many parts of the new body are already distinctly developing.
    The child is a human being, with a different genetic code and a different blood to the blood of the mother. It is NOT a tissue.

    The child is cannot talk yet, but that doesn’t mean that it is not a person. There are times that you and I cannot talk, such as when we are fast asleep, but that doesn’t make us any less a person. The child cannot fight for itself, but there are times we cannot fight for ourselves. That doesn’t mean it is right to kill us at those times.

    I suppose it might be right to abort the child in SELF-DEFENSE if it could be shown that the child was threatening the mother’s life. This would be the case, as I understand it, with ectopic pregnancies where the zygote embeds itself in the fallopian tubes instead of the womb. But in normal cases, we are dealing with a helpless and harmless human being that God is forming.

    The United States government and many other governments of the world have legalised murdering unborn children, but that does not make it right. Governments have done and will continue to do many evil things until the return of Christ.

    Since so many tens of millions of little children have been murdered in this way, there is a great bloodguiltiness upon our lands. There is a curse that comes on one who sheds blood. If a person repents and confesses, forgiveness may be found, but unless the invitation to the devil to oppress is cancelled, a lot of curses can travel down the generations. I have seen it in my wife’s life. Her mother aborted my wife’s brother or sister and in the end this led to the mother dying of cancer at the age of 36, thanks also in part to a country witchdoctor who messed her up even more. Abortion is a very dangerous procedure, and can have a lot of nasty consequences, including infertility and death in some cases. The spirit of death oppressed my wife until she was set free.

    It is said that a quite a few abortionists are satanists. They view the abortions as sacrifices to satan. Satanists sacrifice blood in order to gain satanic power and release curses. I am sure that the majority of abortionists are not satanists, and it would be very wrong for any of us to seek to harm abortionists in any way, but the reality is that our societies are not so different in some ways from that of the Amorites who sacrificed their children to their gods of sensuality and darkness.

    There is forgiveness for those who truly repent and call upon Jesus for salvation, because of God’s great mercy even to shedders of blood. But woe to the person who conspires to kill a child thinking to ask God’s forgiveness later. There is a price to pay in the hardening of our hearts when we deliberately sin.

    God knows what kind of harvest awaits the western world (and many other nations also) which have been sowing mass murder for generations! The Bible says that God is not mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The same applies to nations.

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