What are Ghosts?


This is a good question that surely must have an answer. All countries and cultures from the dawn of time up to now have in some way acknowledged that there is something spiritual about reality and most have believed in a spirit world of some kind. So what really is the truth? Well the truth must be absolute to be truth. Truth will not contradict itself otherwise it cannot be truth. I believe in the existence of ghosts. I have seen them and know others who have too. I have also experienced demonic possession first hand. The truth is that there is a spiritual world and we interact with it on a daily basis regardless of whether we realise this or not.


The bible is full of true stories which depict this spiritual world as it really is. It calls ghosts unclean spirits or wicked spirits. The bible says that they are all fallen angels with a mission to deceive, corrupt and destroy humanity. They are probably millions of these spirits who function together as a highly organised system the bible calls the kingdom of darkness. Their ruler is a fallen angel called satan, or the devil and he rules this evil kingdom with an iron fist.


These wicked spirits do not sleep, but work tirelessly to blind us to real truth. Jesus called satan the father of lies, the deceiver and a murderer. The bible warns us and says that satan can even appear as an angel of light. This makes sense when we think of ghosts because the reason most people wonder about ghosts is because they want to take comfort from the thought that their loved ones who have passed away are still ok and watching over them. But in reality all ghosts are wicked spirits who can easily impersonate anyone people they may have been around or lived in in previous generations. So if you think grandpa Joe is watching over you and you see or hear him be warned because it is not Grandpa Joe at all but a spirit who is seeking to attach to your soul and take advantage of your naivety. When a spirit makes communication with people it is only to deceive. They make themselves sound like our deceased relatives to gain our trust. If they showed their true colours then we just wouldn’t fall for it. Why would they do that though when their plan is to hide the truth always and give a false peace? They want us to trust them but they will use it against us.


The bible says that when we die we go to the great white throne room for judgement. There is no hanging around here on earth or coming back as a butterfly or something. The dead cannot communicate with the living. This may come as a shock but think about it and it makes sense. If the dead cannot communicate with the living (and they can’t) then whoever claims to be Grandpa Joe is an imposter and a liar. But we know that satan and his whole kingdom is built on lie after lie. When people get in touch with so called spirits of the dead or other activities such as clairvoyance, spiritualism, psychic readings, witchcraft, tarot cards, eastern meditation and paranormal activities what they are actually doing is inviting evil spirits to deceive them. These evil spirits jump at the chance and will pull out the stops to trick you into believing that what they’re telling you is true, but it never is.


I mentioned that I have experience of demonic possession and that is because I used to have many of these spirits living inside of me. I thank God that I don’t any more but when I was a teenager my life was like hell because of the spiritual torment of these evil spirits. In the new testament of the bible Jesus cast thousands of demons out of people. He has authority over them because He is God. The people were astonished at these miracles that Jesus performed because there had never been such a thing seen or heard of. As Jesus cast the demons out the person would be healed of their diseases and sicknesses and be made whole. There are many cases of this in the new testament. Nothing has changed and today the devil deceives millions into trusting in spirits for guidance and healing but really it is all an elaborately constructed lie.


The devil is liar and anything claiming to be a dead relative is also a liar. If you want to know what is really true then read the new testament of the bible. Jesus didn’t take any nonsense from demons and we don’t have to either. There are many nice and well-meaning people who get deceived by these spirits so please, please don’t be one of them. I know people who have lost loved ones because they got into this spiritualism, they became so overrun with spirits they killed themselves, it is no joke. Many people hear voices in their minds and these also are the same spirits. We live in spiritual darkness and there is only one true light. We live in a spiritually deceived world and there is only one truth. We live a life with many different paths but only one leads to God. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life, and nobody comes to the Father except through me.” If you sincerely seek God and call upon Him then you will find Him. He loves you very much and desires that you would come to know Him for who He really is. The devil hates that but don’t let the devil rob you of finding the truth which saves you and sets you free.


Our problem is that because of our sin we are cut off from God. But Jesus died our death and took the punishment for our sin upon himself. He took our place so that we could be restored back into a relationship with God that lasts for eternity. Because of Jesus’s sacrifice our sins can be washed away. We need to ask God to forgive our sins and open our eyes. We need Him to show us the truth so that we don’t get deceived by the devil and follow him to hell. Hell was created for the devil but those who reject Gods forgiveness cannot enter into heaven because their sin makes them to corrupt. If you believe the devil and follow any of his ways then you will die in your sins and be cast into hell. God gives all people chance to know the truth and choose to do what is right but He doesn’t force anyone into heaven. We have a free will to choose and God honours that. Where will you go? I hope and pray that this will help you to begin to see the truth and that you make the choice to trust the God who created you and loves you rather than believe the lies of the devil.


If you would like to contact me by email my address is [email protected] I would welcome any questions about spiritual matters and will reply as soon as possible. Thank you for taking the time to read this, may God bless you. Andrew Goodwin.

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