What about Feelings?

They say, “Don’t live by feelings” but I say, if you used to feel the Holy Spirit and you don’t much any more, start seeking God and praying more in the Holy Spirit. The word “feelings” isn’t even in the Bible, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t supposed to be conscious of God’s presence. What kind of love has no feelings? What kind of joy has no feelings? What kind of peace has no feelings?

Paul Ross wrote: “Outside of feelings you have no capacity to experience anything. The admonition to delight yourself in the Lord is an appeal to the deepest most fundamental sentiment of emotion. After all what is the joy of the Lord devoid of emotion; what is the peace of the Holy Spirit devoid of the force of serenity? Remove your feelings and you cannot even experience the sensation of awareness. Remove your feelings and you cease to be the image of God.”

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