What about Aliens, UFOs, ETs and Government Black Ops?

A friend sent me a link to a youtube video series which one of his acquaintances had sent him – with some guy, Phil Schneider, talking about his experiences working as a geologist and engineer with some of the alleged “underground bases” in the United States. On this video, Mr Schneider makes some outrageous claims concerning the presence of intelligent extra-terrestrial alien life forms that are at work on this planet, co-operating at some level apparently with elements of the US Government and Military to bring in a New World Order.

Mr Schneider claimed to be the only one alive who was able and willing to give eyewitness accounts of some of the terrible things that are supposed to be happening underground, largely funded by international drug money and possibly the US taxpayer as well.

There are a lot of people now who believe not only in UFOs, but in beings of extra-terrestrial origin who are supposedly interacting with human beings at different levels. There are reports of alien abductions, alien genetic engineering experiments, cattle mutilation, flying saucers and much more.

In fact, just a couple of weeks ago a man who sold me some advertising in his newspaper told me that he too had seen a UFO.

Listening to all these reports, and there are many different takes on these themes, one can see how people are being deceived and prepared for even greater deception. The Bible warns of terrible deception in the last days and I believe the whole “alien” phenomena are part of this deception, to get people away from the salvation that is in Jesus Christ.

But what is the truth about these things?

We will probably never know the true truth about all of these things. I am always wary of people who supposedly come out from the dark and sinister projects and conspiracies to blow the whistle and warn us about things we could not know for ourselves. While they may speak a partial truth, one cannot know for sure – and the truth is, that if we have a relationship with our Creator through Jesus Christ, we DON’T NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT ALL THE DETAILS OF THESE THINGS. We just need to get on and do the will of God – pray, love people, love God, and finish telling the world about Jesus and His Sacrifice and Resurrection – to pay for our sins and make us sons of God conformed to His image. On the other hand, a fascination with the occult (secret) things related to alien encounters can draw people away from the truth that is in Jesus.

It was stated by those involved in making these videos that Mr Schneider was found dead in his apartment a few months later – possibly murdered for spilling the beans on things that are supposed to remain hidden from the general public. This supposedly gives more credibility to the whole story. But just because the man was murdered does not mean that his views on things are the true truth. Yes, there may be evil and secret things going on in the high levels of government and the military. But it does not mean that everything is as it seems, even to those who allege that they have encountered aliens directly, or that they know people who are working with them.
It does not mean that there really are helpful alien races out there that we should be listening to, who will help guide humanity onto the right path.

A lot of stories of this nature cannot be independently verified anyway, and therefore we should also take all these things with a grain of salt.

I have a take on all these things, and while I cannot prove all that I say, I believe my views are not only plausible but also consistent with the revelation we are given in Scripture.

Firstly, I believe that human beings are not the only intelligent forms of life on earth. The Bible is very clear that there are angelic beings – both good and evil, at work on the earth. God’s angels come to earth and work through the prayers and faithfulness of God’s people. Most of God’s angels are in heaven though. On the earth, what we have is a multitude of fallen angels of various shapes, sizes and capacities.

Fallen angels, led by Satan, have always sought the attention and worship of mankind. But they usually cannot obtain it by representing themselves as exactly what they are. For they are horrible and detestable by nature. For this reason, they like to operate through various fronts. It could be through carved statues, pictures, dreams, visions or through individuals that they possess. In Hinduism for example, people worship idols and icons by which means they are actually making an appeal to the supernatural powers BEHIND those man made things. Hindus believe they are worshiping various gods and goddesses through their idol worship. They generally don’t see these gods and goddesses as malevolent and deceptive powers out to destroy them, though they do often fear the gods and do lots of rituals to avoid incurring their displeasure and to gain their favor. So in the end, through these systems, Satan has obtained worship indirectly through various masks he wears. He then has every right to take these poor people to hell when they die – there to be lost and tormented forever.

The same scenario I believe is happening through aliens – but it is much more sophisticated. For just as God’s angels at times have manifested themselves to appear just as normal men, so Satan’s angels can take on a physical form and interact both physically and spiritually with human beings. It could be that many of the alien encounters are simply occult encounters with fallen angels that represent themselves as beings from another world. This I believe is what is happening.

Some fallen angels will manifest themselves as “angels of light”. The Bible says that Satan can make himself to appear as an “angel of light” and that his followers can do so also. Therefore when we hear the various spokesmen for the “aliens” telling us that some alien races are good and enlightened and others are evil, we should be very careful. The deception is made more powerful by this ruse. Some fallen angels no doubt can appear as very glorious looking human “aliens” who claim to come from other star systems to guide our evolutionary development – blah, blah, blah. This is a tactic of Satan to get us away from the truth about our Creator and our need to be reconciled with Him through Jesus Christ before we die and it is too late. By getting us to believe in advanced civilizations from other star systems, Satan’s fallen angels can draw us away from the truth. It kind of fits well with all the nonsense people are being taught about “evolution” and the kind of philosophies which teach us that we can save and redeem ourselves through education. It sounds very sophisticated and appealing, doesn’t it, to believe that we can be guided by wise and advanced humans who want to “take us to the next level” in spirituality, consciousness and technology etc etc? But it is all a lie of Satan – and the end of it is eternal death.

The notion of good and bad alien races is similar to the false dichotomy between white and black witchcraft. Folks, all witchcraft is really black in the end because it all derives its power from Satan, and all takes you away from Jesus Christ. It is all rooted in the desire for independence from God and the desire to have power without worshiping the true God.

But what about all the technologies and phenomena?

Over the years I have talked with some very interesting people who apparently worked with NASA and other organizations which have access to technology which is not made available to the general public. One such man was Stan Deyo. His books are quite interesting. The man is obviously very intelligent. I talked with him back in the late 80s or early 90s. I don’t know what he is up to now. But from what I learned from him and his books, and many other sources confirm it, there are such things as flying saucers, are there are lots of technologies known to some men and especially certain divisions of the military and intelligence organizations of the world, which are not acknowledged or released commercially for the benefit of mankind. I am fairly certain that there are technologies that would give us all potentially free access to electricity without destructive environmental consequences – much more cheaply than say what can be done with solar panels. But the “powers that be” do not want a society that can live independently of public utilities – they want control, and so these technologies may never see the light of day on a commercial basis. There would be a long list of such potentially beneficial technologies, I am sure.

I do not devote myself to finding out more about these technologies simply because having them won’t help me to finish the job the Lord Jesus Christ has given me to do in life. But these technologies may be used in ever increasing days to give plausibility to the whole alien scenario and worldview which is taking so many in today. What if there are fallen angels and men zipping around in flying saucers today? What if there are all kinds of abominable genetic and mind control experiments going on today? I’ve not seen it myself, but it doesn’t mean it could not be happening. All these things are according to the working of SATAN, and they are designed to bring you down. The Bible says, “The whole world lies in the power of the evil one.” That is why we should be very careful about trusting men, even “princes” and top people in human governments. These people are deceivers and being deceived – we don’t know to what extent. If suddenly all kinds of technological and occult marvels are brought to the attention of the world – it may be enough to cause many to shift their beliefs, but it should not shake us, in whom dwells the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

We have all we need through Jesus Christ. We must get about doing our job of reaching the whole world with the whole truth, living the truth and helping others to live the truth, so that as many as possible, ourselves included, could know the LIFE ETERNAL which God has given to those who love Him.

God bless you.

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