We must take responsibility in regards to the church in what we are not doing. What do you think?

These are the area’s that concern me as a Christian in regards to many churches.

Taking the bible out of context and then teaching others the errors is damaging the body of Christ.

1. Leaders, ministers, vicars, who will not allow women to teach or preach in their church. Let me say it is God’s church and the Holy Spirit gives gifts to whom he chooses.
2. You don’t need a collar to preach and teach, you don’t need theological college, you do need to handle the word of God correctly, it is not about qualifications, it IS about spiritual growth, awareness, humility, and study of the word.
3. We expect people to come to church and conform to our ways instead of God’s.
4. When we have a person needing help we pass them onto an outside agency instead of showing spiritual confidence in the power of Jesus to help.
5. Many say, I don’t have professional training to help that person, wrong, Jesus can use you to help them and to love them.
6. There has been some awful teaching about separating the sexes, women pray for women, men for men, groups are separated into male and female, there is no scriptural basis for such a thing, this is derived from fear not faith, and might I add political correctness, again not scriptural.
7. On a Sunday during the service apart from worship, prayer and a sermon, we do not have time for the spiritual gifts to be developed, or to operate, how then are we to become mature?
8. We should test the spirit of our leaders as many are corrupt and misguided in how they teach the scriptures.
9. Some churches are obsessed with demons others don’t believe they exist.
10. Teaching on Hell is rare, WHY? God help us all, we need to teach this truth.
11. Repentance is encouraged by set prayer instead of heart prayer, there is no or very little encouragement to confess to one another and pray for one another so that we may be healed.
12. There is little opportunity for healing on a Sunday.
13. A lot of Churches don’t have an evening service which does not help those who cannot come in the morning due to medication, sleep disorders, night workers e.tc.
14. Those who get saved have to wait up to a year or more before getting baptized, this is not scriptural.
15. Anyone who is a disciple of Christ can baptize you don’t have to be a minister.
16. We pray for the homeless but then put notices on church doors telling the homeless not to sit on the church step as it will be classed as a public disorder, so move on.
17. we soon forget when addicts die on church doorsteps or are found in the church toilets and still don’t open our doors up to the most needy.
18. we have a middle class church system that has completely forgot what it is like on the other side of the fence.
19. We have extremely limited teaching on spiritual warfare, occultism and how to minister, mental health issues, we can all be touched by that problem and lots of other subjects.
20. Fasting seems to have little encouragement in most churches, especially corporately.
21. We have lots and lots of empty rooms in churches that could be used to help those in need, but we don’t utilize the space and keep it all to ourselves instead of helping the community.
22. When someone different comes into church there is suspicion and judgement rather than love.
23. The church is getting more and more like a social club instead of really getting to know those in it, many people I know who have attended church for years, the same church, can go weeks without seeing anyone.
24. The trend to have a super church but no pastoral loving care.
25. The lack of helping single parents and the poor even though those who are rich in the church stay rich and comfortable KNOWING that some are going without. How can the love of God be in that person?
26. Some of us are told to not criticize when an open comment is made, a bit like this blog, actually the bible teaches that those who listen to constructive criticism are among the wise, Proverbs 15: 31 Judgement and Criticism go hand in hand when it is concerning our brother and sister, but constructive criticism and being open is fundamental to change and improvement. Many leaders have used this area to control others and to keep people quiet rather then encourage honest ,open sharing. This area is often misapplied.

Jesus said you will know my disciples by the fruit they bear, LOVE takes time, shares, cares, love is a living action of God that wants to think of others and help.


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