We and our homes are safe from Brisbane floods – but please pray

Readers may know my family and I live in Brisbane. We are out of harm's way. We live on high ground nowhere near the Brisbane river.

Please pray that we be sensitive to God's leading for people we may need to help.

What do YOU think?


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  1. Dear Michael,

    I have been thinking about you and your family in the face of raging waters. A few years ago, I lived in Australia and had a chance to visit. It is impossible to believe the pictures are showing some of the beautiful places that I have visited. I pray for God to watch over you and keep you safe.


  2. I have people praying for you all over the place.I didnt know where you were located but when I heard what was happening I got concerned so I began contacting all my intercessors for you.I pray that you and all you family and friends are safe now.I also am hoping that your home is safe also.Thingsworld wide are getting intense and I am just in awe of what I have been seeing going on.I am checking in to skype this week,so I will keep you informed.If you have any spefic prayers or needs please let me know right away ok.Also please keep posting how things are going ok.Have a blessed night Tim

  3. Michael,

    I have been praying for sure.

    Right now the main assistance is being provided by the Red Cross and The Salvation Army and other charity groups. People who have been evacuated have been looked after well at the various centers set up for them.

    It will be down the line when the water subsides and people are left trying to recover and the media attention is no longer on them they will feel alone and maybe even abandoned. It is what happens when the main clean up is finished. People look at their empty homes and say “now what”.

    Praying for the Lord to lead many Christian organisations and Churches in His wisdom and guidance to be led in how best to serve Him in the middle of this suffering. May the Lord provide the resources both spiritual and physical to those He calls to help the victims of these floods. Not only in Queensland but in other areas hit by floods before Christmas. Amen

    Praying for clean water and protection from all the water born diseases. Amen

    I have friends in some of the flooded areas but they are safe. Some water damage but they will recover. Everybody is OK and that’s the main thing.

    I’m sure the Lord will use this to bring people to Himself to fulfill his plans for these End Times in our Nation. Not sure what they are but I know God always works all things for our good (eternal good).


  4. Blackmagicrescue says:

    Oh thank goodness..

    I was thinking about you today…and am only just finding this out. I am glad that you are okay.

    God Bless you..

  5. I am glad that you and yours are not in harms way! I was so surprised when I read about the flood. I then remembered that some readers had been “predicting”a flood in Australia. So they were praying, maybe that kept it from being even more destructive?
    You have my prayers!

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