Walking with Jesus since 4 years old

When I was younger I got excited about the stories in church about Noah, Jonah, Joshua and David and Gomorrah to mention a few.  I wanted to follow Jesus immediately he is so WONDERFUL!  Anyways I accepted him into my heart at the age of  6 years old and was picked on a little bit by brother and sister about loving Jesus.  Seemed for  years I was the only shining light for Jesus in the household and he was always at my side in the spirit helping me through all times.

I have grown closer to Jesus over the  years with the mistakes I have made like all his kids do and I have learned more and more over the years.  I wish everyone knew Jesus and could see that he is going to carry you through it all no matter what.  DO YOU KNOW that even when you dont think he is with you or cares…..JESUS STANDS FIRM…… he does not leave you even if you turn your back on him.  AND once you are saved you are always saved that is TRUE..  We do not serve the devil we serve GOD…only the devil would want you to believe you have a non caring GOD…remember that and read that bible you have daily day and night seek his word in that book and pray and THANK HIM for all you have……..I was anointed two  years ago to serve him as a minister for his word and I have wanted that position since four years old so I am overjoyed and always here if you want me to pray for you.  GOD BLESS YOU:)


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