Walking in the Vision

Ever been given a vision by God? Let me encourage you to believe that if God gives you a vision or dream to fulfill, it will be accomplished, in God’s time, not yours, in God’s way, not yours.I remember when I had a breakdown in 1986/87 it was severe, I lost my Christian faith for a whole year as well as losing the plot. Although I had let go of God, God had not let go of me. During my recovery period I saw many gaps within the system that failed people and then I felt led to open up my home to the lost and hurting, this was the beginning of The Focus Foundation. It started with just me, no money but a heart with compassion for those who were trapped. I lit a candle and placed it on a table in my front room and prayed. The heaviness in my heart would not lift until I had put my faith into practice. I then invited the homeless to sometimes stay for a few months giving them a reprieve from the street. I then set up Focus groups that helped those who were hurting share their story. Focus groups ran for five years, souls were saved and others went to Christian rehabs. Everything that was needed to run this group was provided, but when I first stepped out I had absolutely nothing but a desire that I believe Jesus placed in my heart, to help the broken. I knew what it was like to be broken, equally i knew what it was like to be mended. From all this came further steps, to write a book to help instigate Focus groups into churches, this is my next step, to continue to raise funds through my book Dark Seeds 3am where I donate £1 to a community account with Barclays with each book sold. My first talk just before Christmas received for Focus a donation. GOD is GOOD! Right now I will be moving to Eastbourne in Sussex in May, this is where I want to raise further funds for a Christian recovery center so that those who are messed up have a place to get better in. Do I KNOW how to raise in excess of a Million pounds plus, No I do not, but God does, Do I KNOW who will be part of the team, how I will get trustees, or how this is all going to work out, No, but God does. Trust and walking in Faith is just part of it, patience to wait upon God so that his purposes can be worked out is equally important, development of my own relationship with God is always a daily seeking and any fear or insecurity must be worked through and put on the back burner, because we are told to believe that we have already received when we pray. WOW! Am I still learning Yes! But faith is the conviction of things hoped for, of things UNSEEN. Nothing is impossible for GOD. go for your dream, walk in your vision, you may not have all the answers but God does, trust God.

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