Walking in the Vision

Ever been given a vision by God? Let me encourage you to believe that if God gives you a vision or dream to fulfill, it will be accomplished, in God’s time, not yours, in God’s way, not yours.I remember when I had a breakdown in 1986/87 it was severe, I lost my Christian faith for a whole year as well as losing the plot. Although I had let go of God, God had not let go of me. During my recovery period I saw many gaps within the system that failed people and then I felt led to open up my home to the lost and hurting, this was the beginning of The Focus Foundation. It started with just me, no money but a heart with compassion for those who were trapped. I lit a candle and placed it on a table in my front room and prayed. The heaviness in my heart would not lift until I had put my faith into practice. I then invited the homeless to sometimes stay for a few months giving them a reprieve from the street. I then set up Focus groups that helped those who were hurting share their story. Focus groups ran for five years, souls were saved and others went to Christian rehabs. Everything that was needed to run this group was provided, but when I first stepped out I had absolutely nothing but a desire that I believe Jesus placed in my heart, to help the broken. I knew what it was like to be broken, equally i knew what it was like to be mended. From all this came further steps, to write a book to help instigate Focus groups into churches, this is my next step, to continue to raise funds through my book Dark Seeds 3am where I donate £1 to a community account with Barclays with each book sold. My first talk just before Christmas received for Focus a donation. GOD is GOOD! Right now I will be moving to Eastbourne in Sussex in May, this is where I want to raise further funds for a Christian recovery center so that those who are messed up have a place to get better in. Do I KNOW how to raise in excess of a Million pounds plus, No I do not, but God does, Do I KNOW who will be part of the team, how I will get trustees, or how this is all going to work out, No, but God does. Trust and walking in Faith is just part of it, patience to wait upon God so that his purposes can be worked out is equally important, development of my own relationship with God is always a daily seeking and any fear or insecurity must be worked through and put on the back burner, because we are told to believe that we have already received when we pray. WOW! Am I still learning Yes! But faith is the conviction of things hoped for, of things UNSEEN. Nothing is impossible for GOD. go for your dream, walk in your vision, you may not have all the answers but God does, trust God.

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  1. Christians who cling to the quote Judge not, so that you are not judged to condemn those who expose error, false prophets, or acts of darkness should read and understand the scriptures in their right context.

    The bible tells us to judge with right judgement Hebrews 5 verse 14; it is for those who are spiritually mature. Unfortunately throughout the church many are still on baby milk and scripture is often taken out of context in this case from Matthew 7. But we must read this whole chapter. The judgement referred to here means that you should judge yourself before judging others and is referring to hypocritical judgement, i.e. you cannot judge another if you yourself are guilty of the same sin. This makes perfect sense. Those who expose false prophets are not sharing in the same sin if they are walking in the truth. In Romans 2 it says, you tell others not to steal, but do you steal? You are so proud of knowing the law but dishonour God by breaking it.
    However, we are to judge between good and evil. If you notice in Matthew 7 further through the chapter Jesus says in verse 15 BEWARE of FALSE PROPHETS! False teachers in the times of Jesus were called hypocrites, blind guides, white sepulcher’s, serpents and vipers, Jesus made it very clear and spoke out against such things, in fact Paul said in Galatians 1 verses 8- 10 let those who preach a different doctrine or gospel be eternally condemned or cursed. Paul ends by saying that he is not trying to win the approval of people but of God. Would you then condemn Jesus or Paul for saying such things, No of course not. Also look at Psalm 37:30 Amos 5 verses 14-15 In John 7 verse 24, look beneath the surface so you judge correctly. Jesus did not make a blanket statement against judgment. In Romans 16: 17& 18 Paul encourages Christians to STAY AWAY from those who teach contrary to the gospel and saw it as Satan’s work. If judging people is wrong how can we obey such scriptures? The same applies to criticism also; there is a right criticism in the bible. Look at Proverbs 25: 12 and Proverbs 29: 1 It is interesting that those who defend God’s word are then called the aggressor, but many false doctrines have entered the church and they need to be tested to see if they align with the word of God.
    In 2 Corinthians chapter 11 Paul shares about false apostles disguising themselves as apostles of Christ, it is no different today. We must uphold the truth.
    We are told in the scriptures that the wheat (God’s people) and the tares (false Christians) are in the same place and that God will at the end times uproot the tares.
    In 2 Peter 3 the false teachers of the day even ate with the Christians in their fellowship meal. Verse 13.
    We are told to stay away from them or even come out from them, if those who have been led astray truly love Jesus then they will listen to a loving rebuke and be corrected and your brother or sister is won back. But a good tree cannot bear bad fruit and Jesus said we would know his disciples by their fruit.
    In Matthew 24 it talks about many false prophets that will appear and deceive many.
    In verse 24 it clearly states that false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and perform great signs and wonders, deceiving, if possible God’s elect, and this warning was given ahead of time.
    Laughing hysterically, toking the Holy Ghost, being drunk in the Spirit, violently shaking, making Whoooaaah! Groaning noises in the spirit in the midst of preaching, repeating Fire! Fire! Fire! Like a mantra, fuelling up emotions. Gold Dust and Feathers. Satan can come as a false light, that same false light is within the tares of the church. Satan can heal, make music, appear peaceful, make you feel good, help you go into ecstatic trances, deceive you so that the so-called light you experience is really the dark. Take you down all sorts of pathways giving you the feel good factor. Ignores repentance. Wants you on a power trip or to make you feel special. Teaches you to be more self-indulgent then Christ centred. Will bring in very subtle ways of meditating like emptying your mind or visualization, which are not scriptural but New Age, which is Paganism.

    In 2 Timothy 4, 4 it says many will reject the truth and chase after myths.
    In 2 Peter 2: verse 1 there are those who cleverly teach destructive heresies and later it says that they will make up clever lies to get hold of your money. Remember who the father of lies is.
    Charles Spurgeon a reformed Baptist minister said, Discernment is not knowing the difference between right and wrong, it is knowing the difference between right and almost right.
    You see many false prophets and teachers sound and look right, but they are not.
    Here are some of the false teachers you should steer clear of to keep your heart pure although I am sure there are many more.

    1. Bill Johnson at Bethel Church, Redding, California also connected to the Toronto movement and Kevin Dedmon author of Treasure Hunting a practice that has come into the church, Kevin Dedmon is part of the school of supernatural ministry at Bethel. The madness that happens there can be seen on Shocking Documentary 3 on Youtube.
    2. Carol and John Arnott (Toronto blessing) and anything connected to this. Soaking prayer came out of Toronto which has no biblical foundation and is more in line with New Age practices. Emptying the mind, sensations in the body, altered states of consciousness, mental passivity.
    3. John Crowder.
    4. Todd Bentley.
    5. Rodney Howard Browne.
    6. Kenneth Hagin.
    7. Kenneth and Gloria Copeland.
    8. Benny Hinn.
    9. Joshua Mills.
    10. Rick Joyner.

    No wonder the Holy Spirit has a tourniquet around it in the church, unable to breath or flow. Deep repentance is needed in the church and prayer for those who have been led astray who now follow other doctrines and practices. Repentance is the only way forward and a deeper dying to self, corporately and individually is required.
    Because knowingly or unknowingly rebellion and self indulgence, Witchcraft and manipulation, Control and lack of repentance, the lack of the fear of God and no sermons on Hell and much more has entered the church and weakened it to the point of being anaemic with the Holy Spirit bottled up like a consumer perfume. Leaders and ministers need to repent if they have allowed practices to come into the church that have no biblical foundation. I urge all Christians regardless of what church you attend to always base everything upon the word of God and when something is happening in your church ask yourself, does this have a scriptural foundation, is it Godly, Holy, Pure, does it glorify God? Is repentance encouraged?

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